Salvage Specialist

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Cargo Department

Steelcrate large.png

Salvage Specialist

Access: Cargo, External, Maintenance, Salvage
Difficulty: Medium
Duties: Retrieve materials from wrecks, score some sick loot
Supervisors: Head of Personnel, Quartermaster
Subordinates: None
Guides: Salvaging

As a Salvage Specialist, your job is to explore various wrecks from the space and retrieve any loot that you might find inside them. Use the Salvage Magnet to pull in a wreck for a limited amount of time and don't get killed by space carps or your own idiocy!

Salvage Magnet

Salvage magnet.png

This console is used for pulling in salvage wrecks, which you can scavenge for extra loot. The salvage magnet pulls wrecks towards the general area it is facing, but that doesn't do much to narrow down the area. If the magnet is facing the wrong way or is installed too deep inside the station, then you won't be able to pull anything in.

An example of a space wreck

Finding the Salvage

The location of the salvage is unpredictable. As such, you'll need to rely on outside tools to help you locate it.

Some maps will start you with a File:Mass Scanner.pngMass Scanner already built. If you don't have one, make sure to remind Sci to get you a board.

While you're waiting for science to get bored of their fancy new chem dispensers, you'll have to use the visuals provided by the File:Shuttle Console.pngShuttle Console.

File:Example Console Visual.png
What you're looking for.

Your equipment

The most crucial items in your job are the salvage hardsuit, a breath mask and an oxygen tank - you will not survive in space without those (though you can try if you're brave).

There are two main ways to play a Salvage Specialist, and they both depend on the mobility gear you choose at the start.

1. Jetpack
Non-mini jetpacks can only be worn in the backpack slot. In exchange for the storage space of a backpack, jetpacks offer excellent mobility, allowing the Salvager to easily drag items back to the station. However, this lack of storage space makes it much more important to decide what you'll bring with you in your pockets.

2. Fire Extinguisher & Friends
If you're not using a Jetpack, you're likely combining multiple methods of transport. In exchange for keeping your backpack, you're limited to less-effective modes of transport. Fire extinguishers use liquid to propel you in the opposite direction of where you clicked. Throwing an item (even a single sheet split from a stack) also propels you.

How to use your equipment

Image Name Description
Hardsuit salvage.png Salvage hardsuit (suit and helmet) The obvious component. Put it on, or you will succumb to the low pressure of space. After you equip the suit, you'll have to equip the helmet via the action menu on the left.
Oxygen tank yellow.pngOxygen tank red.png Oxygen/Nitrogen tank To survive in space for longer than a minute, you will need an oxygen tank. Equip it in your hand, pocket, or suit storage slot to be able to properly use it with your breathing internals. Make sure to check if tank output pressure is correct (the safe amount is 17-22). You can refill your oxygen tank by putting it inside a oxygen canister (just make sure to close the canister's valve afterwards). Important: Only Slimepeople breathe nitrogen.
Gas mask salvage.png Gas mask / breathing mask To be able to receive precious oxygen from your oxygen tank, you will need to put a breathing mask on. Once you have it equipped, you should have an option to turn your internals ON. The button for this is situated on the left UI.
Magboots.png Magboots Equip and turn on magnetic boots to gain a steady hold on wreck's surface. You might walk a bit slower, but at least you won't clumsily fly off into space so easily.
Toolbelt(filled).png Toolbelt (and tools) Typically comes fully equipped with a screwdriver, welding tool, wrench, crowbar, multitool and wirecutters. Use those tools if you wish to retrieve anchored items or barge through obstacles like closed doors.
Pickaxe mining.png Pickaxe Sometimes, the salvage magnet might pull in a rocky asteroid. Use your pickaxe by repeatedly clicking on the rock to break through and reach for the stashed away goodies.
Shovel.png Shovel Useless
Ore bag.png Ore bag Allows you to store mined ores. Click on the floor to pick up all ores around this spot.
Fire extinguisher.png Fire extinguisher Extinguish space fires Fly through space by aiming and shooting the extinguisher's nozzle on the opposite direction of where you wish to fly. You can refill it with water once it runs dry.
Jetpack blue.png Jetpack Advanced Superior form of traveling in space. You need to purchase it from cargo console first (or ask Cargo Technician / Quartermaster). Then you need to fill it up using canister with any gas - insert jetpack in canister, setup max pressure, open valve, close valve, detach jetpack from canister. Equip it on your back slot. Use UI on the left side of the screen to turn it on.
GPS.png GPS Shows your current position. Don't forget to remember location of space station first.
Combat knife.png Combat knife (unavailable on some maps) Use your handy knife to fight off any space carps that might come your way.
Kinetic gun.png Kinetic gun Adding range combat to your arsenal. This gun has unlimited ammo but very long reload time.

Tips and tricks

  • You can find a spare small oxygen tank inside your survival box. You're also able to keep it in your pocket, leaving your hands unoccupied.
  • Character with Slime chosen as their race requires nitrogen to breathe in space.
  • Holding down Control, and Right-Clicking on a tile near you while pulling something let's you move it around while standing still. In zero-gravity, you can fling objects such as crates/gas tanks twords the station by timing your release with Q accurately. This is not hard to figure out but is kinda tricky to pull off consistently.