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Access: Cargo, Command, External, Maintenance, Quartermaster, Salvage
Difficulty: Medium
Duties: Manage the Cargo Department, resist the urge to make Cargonia
Supervisors: Captain
Subordinates: Cargo Technician, Salvage Specialist
Guides: This is the guide.

The Quartermaster's job is to manage the Cargo Department, purchasing any supplies that the station can't make. QM's responsibilities aren't much more complicated than a normal Cargo Technician's, but you're expected to keep the Cargo Department working smoothly and efficiently. Whether or not you are a proper department head is highly debated, however due to you starting with a cape, command headset, and command access, it's likely most command structures will accept you as a department head, meaning you are expected to act like one.

Your underlings are Cargo Technicians and Salvage Specialists.

Your equipment

As a Quartermaster, you get a fancy brown cloak along with access to your own personal office, depending on the map. In your locker you might also find a Cargo door remote, Supply Computer board and Supply Request Computer board. Make sure to hide those last three items well, you might need them in case of an emergency.

Your responsibilities

As mentioned above, your work does not differ much from a normal Cargo Technician's, but this does not mean that QM does not have a bigger say over the state of their department. Instruct or scold your department members whenever something goes wrong or they slack off on their job. Deny or approve any proposals to furnish cargo with questionable machines or objects. Make sure that cargo is operating smoothly enough that orders are processed and sent to the departments that requested them in a timely manner.

Keeping Cargo tidy

An example of a messy Cargo

You're required to keep your department in check, so everything remains properly productive and in the place it should be.

Make sure your workers aren't spending funds on pointless requests or items that they aren't supposed to own. Try to prioritize important requests (engineers requiring building materials) over trivial ones (the clown wants 10 crates of monkey cubes). It's important to note that a lot of spare materials can be found via wreck salvaging, so make sure the Salvage Specialists are doing their job.

Make sure to organize any spare items that might be making a mess on the floor. Use a screwdriver to take crates apart, or construct more if you are running out of room. Put whatever you don't need on tables or inside other crates.

Try to encourage your workers to properly fill out information for cargo orders - those can be quite useful, even if you normally don't even glance at them. Every crate you order has a label that you can file away for your records.

Don't give out salvage hardsuits to everyone - you might find more eventually, but you still have a very limited amount of them. These should be kept within the salvage suit storage units when not in use.

Make sure to properly train your workers on how airlocks work, so you don't accidentally space the department - after all, it's a health hazard for other people inside.

Remember! As a department you can demote and kick people out of your department if they don't listen or work against you, just make sure you have a proper reason.


Flashbang.png Important

Establishing Cargonia without reading the rules WILL get you banned. Only do it if you have admin permission and you are an antagonist. See PR #6326

Establishing Cargonia is a thing that might happen during a SS14 round. Cargonia itself is a term given to the Cargo Department once it decides to declare independence and completely cut itself off from the rest of the station. Station Heads or the Captain might have a thing or two to say about this, because you are essentially cutting everyone off from the possibility of resupplying. Keep in mind that you don't have to do it and you're even discouraged from doing so if you just wanna do a calmer round. Try out Bartonia instead (just set up a fancy bar inside your department, for you and your comrades).

A standoff between Cargo and Security

To establish Cargonia, you will need:

  • A source of food and drink
  • Some lathes or protolathes to print basic supplies
  • Extra materials such as plasma glass to bunker and barricade the doors to your department
  • Something to defend Cargonia with, as typically people will attempt breaching in
  • A couple eager friends. Remember, there's no point in making Cargonia if no one else wants to do it!

Keep in mind that a particularly ardent Captain might assemble a squad of security offices to storm your beloved nation, due to the fact that you've claimed a part of the ship as your own.

If you don't want Cargonia to seal itself off from the rest of the station, try encouraging your comrades to negotiate or trade with other crewmates to get the machines or facilities that they require, or try occupying their time by ordering them to build a shuttle or to refurnish the department into a fancy area of comfort.