Cargo Technician

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Cargo Department

Cargo Technician.png

Cargo Technician

Access: Cargo, External, Maintenance
Difficulty: Medium
Duties: Deliver supplies for the station, salvage items from space wrecks
Supervisors: Head of Personnel, Quartermaster
Subordinates: None
Guides: [TBA]

Although initially a trivial job, Cargo Department employees can amass any type of items with a little bit of luck, wits and time. Whenever anyone runs out supplies related to their job, they will turn to Cargo Department to resupply. If you're bored of sitting at the front desk and staring blankly at the corridor wall you can also put on your hardsuit and dwell into space to salvage some shipwrecks for free guns and dehydrated space carps extra materials!

Your supervisor is Quartermaster.

Cargo Shuttle

The heart of cargo; the cargo shuttle is what actually brings crates in. Controlled by the shuttle console often found in the QM's office this shuttle is often the most prized thing in cargo.

After it docks it's the cargo tech's job to unload it, fortunately it comes with four sets of conveyer belts and blast doors to make unloading it as simple as a short push of a crate.

Once it's ready to undock you should quickly load anything you want to sell on to the pallets inside the shuttle, this allows you to keep the cargo funds high and keep orders coming. It should be noted you can not sell anything living, and the shuttle will not recall if there is anything living on board this includes everything from people to rats.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you do not damage, steal or even touch the components inside the shuttle as they can be fairly hard to replace and the shuttle depends on them to function properly.

Cargo Ordering Computer


You use the ordering computer to put in orders for the shuttle to later bring in. When you open the UI you should see a vast list of crates you can order, anything from dice games to firearms. When someone at the front desk asks for something it's your job to input what they asked for into the computer, preferably under their name. You can click on anything from the list to view it's description and price, just below that is the quantity you are ordering and the name of the person who ordered it as well as the reason it's being ordered. After you input want you want and are ready to get the cargo shuttle to bring it in you need to accept the order which will deduct the funds from cargo wide bank account.

Cargo Request Computer

The request computer is what you use to recall and call the cargo shuttle. It is rather simple to learn however if you screw up it can easily mess up several orders.

Once you have some accepted orders you are going to want to call the shuttle meaning you should open the UI and find the call shuttle button. You should also see all the accepted orders under the button, these are the orders that will be on the shuttle.

After you dock the shuttle and unload it you are going to want to recall it. Once you move the shuttle 250m away from the station you can press the recall button which will have replaced the call button. Before you can call the shuttle again you will have to wait a short time. Recalling the shuttle when there is anything on the cargo pallets will sell those objects. Try to avoid calling the shuttle then immediately recalling it as it will sell all the orders you just called in.

Cargo Shuttle Console

This is what you use to actually pilot the shuttle, the main goal is to dock and undock with the station. Once the shuttle is called it will appear a short distance out from the station and it's your job to locate the cargo docking ports and dock while avoiding punting the salvagers into deep space. Once you have unloaded the shuttle and have put all the items you wish to sell on you will want to undock with the station and fly 250m away from it. Controls are; WASD to strafe forward, left, backwards and right, Q and E to spin left and right respectfully, and finally spacebar to break. When in doubt, hold the breaks.

Useful trivia and tricks

  • Make sure to close the airlocks properly whenever you go out of the station, otherwise you will risk spacing your department and incurring Quartermaster's wrath
  • If you ever find yourself among a mess of several empty crates, you can deconstruct them using a screwdriver
  • Make sure to leave some empty paper on your desk, so your crewmates can leave out orders during your absence at the front desk
  • When piloting the shuttle try not to hit any salvage the salvagers have brought in using their magnet
  • Do not hit the station at high speeds when using the shuttle as it can cause the entire station to go into a spin and start drifting through space knocking off any engineers or salvagers
  • Everything can be sold as long as it wasn't once living, this means you should sell anything you don't plan on using, like all that junk salvage keeps bringing in