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Access: Maintenance, Research
Difficulty: Medium
Duties: Research Protolathe recipes, grant people the items they desire, research chemical tech and make meth foam bombs.
Supervisors: Research Director
Subordinates: Research Assistant
Guides: Guide to R&D, Xenoarcheology, Anomalous Research, Robotics

Do you wish to overthrow all jobs on the station? Do you wish to be at the most bombed place on the entire station? Do you want to make an ungodly amount of explosives and drones? If any of these match, this is a job for you!

Research and Development Department

Refer to Research and Development for information on the department purpose, contents and machines.

What to do

Your main priority at the start of the round is to use the RD computer to research most (if not all) of the research available.

Then, before your fellow scientists begin shouting at you, get the gold from the vault. In most of maps the vault is located somewhere near bridge and you should already have access to it. If you don't have access, do not be afraid to ask the captain, Research Director or the HOP for the gold via the Radio.

Then it's recommended that you build:

Note that different maps start with different machines so be sure to ask each department what they need or stockpile materials whilst waiting for your research and for staff to come to you with their requests. Most station departments already start with the machines listed above.

A scientists job is to produce machines and tools for fellow staff. When cargo / salvage / chemistry isn't doing their job, crew will visit you more frequently. Chemists may request pill canisters and beakers. Security may prefer to visit you as they think you are less busy than the Chemists. A Janitor may require more space cleaner or a mop. A zombie outbreak may require you to make Ambuzol grenades. Misc staff may desire power cells (batteries) or flashlights. Possibly you will get annoyed at the engineers and create your own off-the-grid power supply. You may also get an alien artifact to research, or even the head of some other department barking at you to get rid of the ball of light that just appeared in their office.

Things to keep in mind

Science is by far the least fleshed out job. More mechanics for science will be introduced over time, but for now scientists basically just manage the lathes.

Whilst you can resupply other jobs with their respective machines, don't forget to keep one of each for yourself, who knows, maybe it'll come in handy.

It's recommended that you don't give out cryobeakers as it's probably going to be used for a bomb.

Getting Supplies

  • The Captain or other member of Command should have access to a Vault containing gold at the beginning of the round.
  • Cargo is your main source of material, don't be afraid to ask them for refills and make friends with them!
  • If Cargo is out of cash, Salvage crew are your next best friends. They can mine asteroids to generate materials including gold, iron and plasma.
  • Hydroponics can grow trees for wood.
  • If Cargo and Salvage aren't options, your last resort is to collect junk around the station and deconstruct it. Clothes can be cut up with a knife to produce cloth. Unused chairs can be deconstructed. Glass can be smashed and then welded back into sheets. Keep in mind deconstructing something vastly diminishes its value. Don't get caught.