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To help them achieve their objectives, some antagonists including traitors and nuclear operatives have access to an uplink from which they can purchase all sorts of illegal goodies from The Syndicate. For traitors, the uplink is accessible through their PDA. Some items are only available when playing certain jobs.


  • Buying from the uplink makes a "cha-ching" sound. Contrary to belief, this sound is not audible to nearby players.
  • Since traitors only start with 20 TC, they must neutralize collaborate with other agents in order to purchase high-value uplink items, or must be wise with their budget.
  • Purchase what you need only when you need it. Security can search you and certainly find a weapon or grenade your bag.
  • Keep your PDA locked when you don’t need it. You can unlock it by setting the ringtone to the code you are assigned when you first roll traitor.

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Uplink Catalog


Image Name Description Cost (TC) NukeOps
Mosin base.png Surplus Rifle A weapon of a bygone era. A huge bolt action rifle with medicore damage and low fire rate. The weapon has a 10 round internal magazine. Its biggest upside is the cost. Fires .30 rifle ammo 1 Yes
E-dagger lit icon.png Energy Dagger A pen, that upon activation, turns into an energy dagger. The energy dagger makes less noise and does less damage than a full energy sword, however, it's easier to conceal and it is much cheaper. 2 Yes
Viper base.png Viper A small, easily concealable, automatic pistol chambered in .35 auto. Retrofitted with a fully automatic receiver. Use pistol magazines. 3 Yes
Cobra Base.png Cobra A rugged, robust operator handgun with an inbuilt silencer. Chambered in .25 caseless, this weapon leaves no trace. Uses pistol magazines. The impact of the bullets is louder then the gun itself. 4 Yes
Python.png Python A loud and deadly revolver. Uses .45 Magnum, and comes loaded with AP ammo. Has an internal cylinder magazine, and must be unloaded before reloading. AP bullets ignore all damage resistance of armor. 8 Yes
Homemade energy sword.png Energy Sword A concealable and dangerous plasma sword. Can stored and easily concealed when turned off. Has a decent chance to reflect lasers and bullets. Igniting the sword makes a loud, unmistakable sound. 8 Yes
NorthStarGloves.png Gloves of the North Star A pair of blue gloves that drastically increases your punching speed. Deals brute damage. 8 Yes
ToolboxYellow.png Disposable Ballistic Turret A yellow toolbox that, when struck, deploys into a sentry turret that targets anyone that is not apart of the syndicate. The turret fires .35 auto at slow pace. 8 No
Flaming Fireaxe.png Fire Axe A fireaxe that's capable of setting struck targets on fire. An efficient tool for destroying walls, machines, and flooring. This tool is able to be wielded with two hands. 10 No


Image Name Description Cost (TC) NukeOps
Lethals 35 mag.png Pistol Magazine (.35 auto) A pistol magazine with 10 rounds of .35 auto. Compatible with the Viper and Mk 58. 1 Yes
Caseless 25.png Pistol Magazine (.25 caseless) A pistol magazine with 10 rounds of .25 caseless ammo. Compatible with the Cobra. Stealthy. 1 Yes
Box of .30 Rifle Bullets A box of 50 rounds for the surplus rifle. 1 Yes
Box of .60 Anti-Material Bullets A box with 10 rounds for the Hristov sniper rifle. 2 Yes
Speed Loader (.45 magnum AP) A speedloader for .45 caliber revolvers. Comes with 6 Armor Piercing (AP) rounds. AP ammunition completely ignores the damage resistance of a target's armor, making them potentially easier to kill. 2 Yes
SMG Magazine A SMG Magazine with 30 rounds of .35 Auto. Compatible with the C-20r and Drozd. 3 Yes†


Image Name Description Cost (TC) NukeOps
Flashbang.png Flashbang A flashbang. Temporarily blinds people without proper eye protection and drastically reduces their speed for a moderate duration. Impressive area of effect. 1 Yes
GrenadeEMP.png EMP Grenade A throwable grenade with a nonlethal effect. The explosion instantly drains all batteries and device charges within the area of effect. People caught within the explosion are not able to use their earpiece for a short duration. Moderate effect range. 2 Yes
Composition C4.png C4 An explosive device that can be attached to walls, dealing high structural damage without spacing the floor. Good for breaching walls and destroying machines. Can be set to have a variable time trigger (minimum 10 seconds) or linked to a remote detonator. The device is armed when it is planted. Moderate explosive range. 2 Yes
GrenadeWhiteHole.png Whitehole Grenade A grenade that repels everything not bolted down away from the center of the "explosion". The repelling force is moderately strong, and most humanoids can't walk thru singularity of the grenade. However, the grenade does no damage, does not spill any containers, and has a short duration. Does not explode. 3 Yes
Explosive Grenade.png Explosive Grenade A 3.5 second fuse high explosive grenade. Deals low structural damage, but deals lethal damage against most foes caught within the blast. Moderate blast range. 4 Yes
Grenade penguin icon.png Grenade Penguin A grenade that takes the form of an aggressive penguin that explodes upon death, or when it meets the end of its fuse. The Penguin ignores syndicate agents. The grenade has a small, but lethal blast range. 5 Yes
Exploding Pen A small, easily concealable pen with an explosive inside it. It has a very small blast radius; however, the explosive is able to critically injure any unarmored target at the center of the blast. Unlike most other grenades, the pen does not emit a beeping noise when armed. 5 Yes
Syndicate minibomb.png Syndicate Minibomb A powerful explosive with incredible damage, but limited by its small blast radius. A perfect tool designed for destroying a machine, a body, or whatever else needs to go. 5 second fuse time. 6 Yes
GrenadeSupermatter.png Supermatter Grenade A grenade that creates a strong gravity well that sucks anything nearby into a vortex. The effect finishes with a powerful explosion, with a yield similar to a minibomb. Has a high chance of tossing matter out of the vortex, which reduces its potential lethal effect. 6 Yes
BombSyndicate.png Syndicate Bomb A large, difficult to defuse bomb that detonates in a huge, structurally devastating explosion if not disarmed in time. A useful and lethal distraction with a 180 second timer. Starts unanchored when purchased, but bolts upon being armed. Makes a dreaded beeping noise as the timer goes down. 11 Yes
Grenadier Chest Rig A tactical chest rig stuffed with explosive devices. This web vest contains 4 explosive grenades, 2 syndicate minibombs, and 2 EMP grenades. This bundle saves you 20 telecrystals when compared to the individual cost of the explosives. 12 Yes†
Syndicate C-4 Bundle A bundle of 8 C-4 explosives. Comes with a free blood red dufflebag. 12 Yes


Image Name Description Cost (TC) NukeOps
Fake Nuclear Disk A fake nuclear disk that looks like and has the same description as the real nuclear disk. Can only be identified by attempting to insert it into the nuke, scanning it with an appraisal tool, or, more commonly, using the pinpointer. 1 Yes
Syndicate Snack Box A harmless, but nukie themed lunchbox with a random toy and some suspicious drinks and snacks. 1 Yes
Soap A red soap bar, engraved with syndicate markings. A powerful slipping device, with a higher slipping velocity and stun time than most other soaps due to its suspicious ingredients. 1 Yes
Cybersun Pen A High-tech pen with a diamond edged tip. A serviceable and concealable melee weapon that doubles as a screwdriver and a functional pen. Maybe ineffective against armored opponents. 1 Yes
Syndicate Smokes Packet A pack of 5 cigarettes, infused with nicotine and omnizine. Smoking these cigarettes will slowly heal your wounds over time. 2 Yes
Extra-Bright Lantern An extremely bright lantern that can also be actively used as a flash. Holds 15 charges. 2 Yes
Combat Medipen A combat injector containing Omninzine and Tranexamic Acid. This will stop bleeding and heal all types of injuries. 4 Yes
Lobbying Bundle A brown briefcase with 2000 spessos and a pair of sunglasses within it. 4 Yes
Syndicate Segway A wooden shipment crate with a Syndicate Segway and keys to it. 5 Yes
Combat Medical Kit A black medical kit with 10 sutures, 10 meshes, an epi shot, a brute auto injector, and a burn auto injector. More than enough chems and bandages to keep you in the fight. 5 Yes
Nocturine Bottle A 30u bottle filled with Nocturine, a chemical that forces sleep if over 8 units of the reagent is in the system. 5 Yes
Energy Shield A close cousin to the Energy Sword, the Energy Shield is an ignitable plasma shield that deflects almost all lasers and energy based projectiles. Additionally, like other shields, it also blocks a good portion of other incoming damage. 6 Yes
Stimpack A stimulant injector, containing enough chems to keep you running fast and resistant to stuns for 30 seconds. Unlike other stimulants, this chemical mix does not poison you. 8 Yes
Stimpack kit A white medkit containing 6 micro stimpacks. Each stimpack has about half the duration of a full stimpack. 12 Yes


Image Name Description Cost (TC) NukeOps
Electrical Disruptor Kit A large cardboard box that contains 3 EMP grenades and an EMP implanter, for an effective total of 6 EMP explosives. Buying this bundle would save you 3 telecrystals when compared to buying the items individually. 6 Yes
Sniper Bundle A briefcase containing a Hristov, a powerful antimaterial rifle; a box with 10 bullets, a red tie, gloves, and a lawyer suit. The Hristov has an internal magazine of 5 bullets, so you can reload this weapon twice with this bundle. 12 Yes
Ammo Bundle A dufflebag containing four .35 auto SMG magazines, four .50 pellet drum mags, and two L6 SAW mag boxes. An efficient and must have purchase for sustaining the war against Nanotrasen. 15 Yes†
C-20r Bundle A dufflebag containing a loaded C-20r SMG and two spare magazines. The C-20r is a fast firing .35 auto SMG that automatically ejects spent magazines, reducing overall downtime between reloads. 17 Yes
Medical Bundle A dufflebag containing a combat medkit, a defibrillator, three combat medipens, some latex gloves, and a syringe of tranexamic acid and hyroalin. A powerful purchase for a savvy Agent. 20 Yes†
Syndicate Surplus Crate Contains 50 telecrystals worth of completely random Syndicate items. It can be useless junk or really good. Some items are blacklisted from the surplus crates. 20 No
Bulldog Bundle A dufflebag with a loaded Bulldog shotgun, two .50 pellet drum magazines, and a .50 beanbag magazine. The Bulldog is a powerful, fast firing and fully-automatic magazine fed shotgun. This weapon performs well against most targets and is lethal in close quarters. 20 Yes
China-Lake Bundle A dufflebag with a China-Lake grenade launcher loaded with 3 frag grenades in the internal magazine. The bag also includes 4 blast grenades and 4 frag grenades. The grenades are exclusively designed to be fired from this weapon, and sport a dangerously large area of effect. Use with caution. 25 Yes
L6 saw base.png L6 Saw Bundle A dufflebag with a loaded L6 SAW and a spare boxmag. The L6 is a fully automatic machinegun that excels at throwing rounds down range. This weapon is very inaccurate, so tougher targets may need to be engaged in close quarters. This weapon may be wielded for slightly better accuracy. 30 Yes
Syndicate Zombie Bundle An all-in-one kit for unleashing the undead upon a station. Comes with one syringe of Romerol, a python loaded with .45 Magnum, a box of .45 Incendiary ammo, One Ambuzol+ Pill, and three Ambuzol regular pills. 40 Yes†
Syndicate Super Surplus Crate Contains 125 telecrystals worth of completely random Syndicate items. Requires the pooling of at least two "cooperating" syndicate agents to purchase. 40 No


Image Name Description Cost (TC) NukeOps
Toolbox A suspicious black and red toolbox that contains insulated black gloves, a syndicate gasmask (which functions as a welding mask), and a full set of tools. The toolbox also functions as a powerful blunt weapon. 2 Yes
Jaws of Life A tool that can pry open any door on the station that's not bolted; however, it takes a few moments to work. This tool makes a loud and distinct sound when it forces open a door. 2 Yes
Dehydrated Space Carp Just add water to have your very own hungry space carp. You must pet the carp prior to re-hydration to be immune to its vengeance. 2 No
Surgical Duffel Bag A dufflebag that contains a fullset of advance surgery tools. Currently, surgery hasn't been implemented, so the most impressive tool from this bundle is the circular saw. 4 Yes
Power Sink A device that drains a lot of power from the station before exploding. Must be anchored onto a wire to drain power. 8 Yes


Image Name Description Cost (TC) NukeOps
Syndicate Over-Ear Headset A not-so-subtle blood red headset. Comes with a syndicate encryption key, and can support 4 other encryption keys being inserted into it. 1 Yes
Shoulder Holster Red shoulder straps that can hold 7 slots of normal sized weapons and ammo. 1 Yes
Black Jetpack A black and red jetpack that allows you to fly in space. 2 Yes
Syndicate Encryption Keys A box with two encryption keys that grant access to the Syndicate radio frequency. These keys can be inserted into the vast majority of earpieces. Give one to a trusted friend to communicate discreetly! 2 Yes
Voice Mask A chameleon tech gasmask that can alter the wearer's voice to sound like anyone they want. 2 Yes
Agent ID Card A special ID card that can copy the accesses from other ID cards. With this card, you can change your ID name, job title, and job icon at will . 3 Yes
Binary Translator Key Allows you to listen and communicate onto the Silicon's binary channel, a network utilized by AI and cyborgs. Not recommended to communicate on this channel without a voice changer. 4 Yes
Radio Jammer A device that will prevent any nearby outgoing radio communications when activated. Has a medium battery with about 100 seconds of use. 4 Yes
Stealth Box A cardboard box outfitted with stealth technology. Has a stealth distortion field that weakens with movement. You can fit 4 people inside of one stealth box. 5 Yes
Hypopen A miniature hypospray that's disguised as a pen. Capable of holding 10u of reagent and able to instantly inject 5u at a time. Able to be hidden inside a PDA. 6 Yes
Monkey Reinforcement Teleporter Call in a trained monkey to assist you. Comes with some drip and a cigarette. Monkey agents are supposed to follow your orders. Results may vary. 8 Yes
Cryptographic Sequencer (EMAG) The all-in-one hacking solution. Breaks doors, jailbreaks machines, mind control cyborgs, and more! Has three charges that regenerate over time. 8 Yes
Holoparasite Kit A cardboard box containing a Holoparasite Injector, terms and service, and a troublemaker's softcap. A holoparasite is a sentient guardian, capable of punching at rapid speeds. The parasite can remain inside the host, or can be deployed to a short distance. The parasite shares damage with its host. 14 No
Reinforcement Teleporter A radio that calls in an agent of variable quality. They come equipped with a Viper and Combat Knife. It is their job to assist you in whatever operation or objectives you are campaigning on. 16 Yes


Image Name Description Cost (TC) NukeOps
EMP Implanter An implanter that, once injected, gives the user the ability to unleash a small EMP burst that disables all nearby electrical devices like an EMP grenade. Has three uses. 3 Yes
Box of Deathrattler Implants A cardboard box with 5 death rattler implants and 5 GPS devices. Death rattlers give a notification on the syndicate radio comms when an implanted user goes critical or perishes, and provides GPS coordinates. 4 Yes†
Freedom Implanter An implanter that, once injected, allows the user to escape cuffs up to three times on demand. 5 Yes
Storage Implanter An implanter that, once injected, allows the user to access a subdermal storage bag that can hold up to 4 small items. 8 No
DNA Scrambler An implanter that, once injected, allows the user to instantly randomize their phenotype on demand. The user retains their basic race, however, all other attributes will be randomized including name, gender, skin tone, and hair. Your new identity will not be on the manifest. 10 Yes
Macro Bomb Implanter An implanter that, once injected, will cause the user to detonate in a large explosion upon death. Large area of effect and large potential for team fragging. Use with caution. 5 second fuse time after flat lining. 20 Yes†


Image Name Description Cost (TC) Job
Explosive Banana Peel A banana, that once peeled at set, explodes and deals a minor amount of damage. 2 Clown
Hot Potato A special grenade with a long fuse. This grenade sticks to your hands, and constantly burns you until you hit somebody else with it, passing the curse off to them. The Hot Potato can accumulate a lot of heat damage before detonating. The timer is two minutes long, after which the explosion deals a lot of damage in a small area of effect. 4 Chef, Botanist, Clown, Mime
Necronomicon A book that is capable of summoning a demonic familiar, Cerberus, which is a ghost role. Cerberus is supposed to follow your commands. 4 Chaplain
CHIMP Handcannon upgrade chip Once inserted into a CHIMP Handcannon, it allows the device to fire Omega particles. Omega particles can cause anomalies to go super critical, and they deal a moderate amount of burn damage on hit. 4 Scientist
Proximity Mine A mine disguised as a wet floor sign. It has a large blast radius and does just enough damage to critically injure somebody not wearing armor. 5 Janitor
Rigged boxing gloves Blue boxing gloves that deals high stamina damage and respectable brute damage. You can effectively stun lock a lone target with these gloves. 5 Passenger, Boxer
Packet of Gatfruit Seeds This packet of seeds slowly grows a tree that produces Gatfruit that, upon consumption, yields a Python with 6 rounds of .45 ammunition. 6 Botanist
Syndicate Sponge Box A box of 6 monkey cubes that, once rehydrated, transforms into a random hostile wildlife creature. 7 Zookeeper, Science department, Chef
Fake Cap Gun A disguised cap gun loaded with .45 Magnum Armor Piercing. Can fire both magnum rounds and cap gun rounds. Despite being a clown exclusive item, clowns cannot use this weapon, since it is a lethal firearm. 9 Clown, Mime
Holoclown kit A clown exclusive holo-parasite. Functions similarly to a normal holoparasite, however, it has two pocket slots and a hand slot. Cannot use guns. 12 Clown
Holy Hand Grenade 'O Lord, bless this thy hand grenade, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy.' Massive area of effect and damage with a short fuse. Spaces rooms and destroys walls. The grenade glows bright white, and it sings when armed. Does not deal enough damage to gib by itself. 20 Chaplain


Image Name Description Cost (TC) NukeOps
Syndicate EVA Bundle A dufflebag that contains an EVA suit, helmet, gasmask and double emergency oxygen tank. Offers no protection asides from space. 2 Yes
No Slip Shoes A pair of chameleon shoes that protects you from slipping. A deceptively powerful item. 2 Yes
Web Vest A armor vest that provides strong ballistic protection, and serviceable protection against slashing and blunt attacks. Webbing provides internal pockets with similar space to a jacket. Does not protect against space. 3 Yes
Chameleon Kit A backpack full of chameleon tech clothing and accessories. Chameleon tech allows the user to change the appearance of the related item, allowing them to disguise as any job on the station, and more. Synergies well with an Agent ID. 4 Yes
Blood Red Magboots Mag boots that prevent slipping. Has an integrated jetpack with a low amount of fuel. Magboots only slow the user down slightly when active. 4 Yes
Thieving Gloves A pair of black gloves that greatly aid in one's thieving skills. Allows the thief to discreetly pick items off a target without alerting the victim. Gloves are not insulated, and do not support chameleon technology. 4 Yes
Syndicate Hardsuit A dufflebag that contains the infamous blood-red hardsuit used by Syndicate operatives. Lightweight with robust armor. Also comes with some gloves, a gasmask and an airtank. 8 Yes
Cybersun Juggernaut Suit A super heavy suit that, by the name implies, will make you a walking juggernaut. The only thing that will be slowing you down is the suit. And tasers. And poison. Space capable, but does not come with an airtank or gasmask. 12 Yes


Image Name Description Cost (TC) NukeOps
Operative Jumpsuit / Jumpskirt A cool black and tan jumpsuit used by syndicate operatives. Provides no statistical advantages over a normal jumpsuit. Does not have integrated vitals or coordinate sensors. 1 Yes
Outlaw Glasses A silly glasses and mustache combo. An essential pick for any serious undercover operation. 1 Yes
Outlaw Hat A black brimmed outlaw hat, perfect for challenging any head to a duel right before 12pm. 1 Yes
Syndicate pAI A blood-red personal AI device. The perfect companion for when you're on the run. Comes equipped with access to the Syndicate communication network. Usefulness not guaranteed. 1 Yes
Striped Syndicate Scarfs A valid way of keeping warm 1 Yes
Clown Bundle A clown dufflebag containing a full clown costume, PDA, and service earpiece. 2 Yes
Syndicate Rubber Stamp Announce your presence in style by faxing HoP a death threat. A rubber stamp that engraves the "Syndicate" on any piece of paper. 2 Yes
Carp Suit Dufflebag A dufflebag containing a carp costume and 6 carp plushes. Now you can relive your fantasies of being a space fish while sec uses lethals on you. 4 Yes
Syndicate PJ Bundle A dufflebag containing 3 pairs of Syndicate PJs, bedsheets and some random plushes. 4 Yes
Cap gun A normal cap gun. Not to be confused with the fake cap gun, which can use lethals. 4 Yes
Syndie Baloon Watch Sec scream with fear as you approach with this inflatable terror. 20 Yes
Cat Ears UwU 26 Yes

†Exclusive to nukeops

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