Traitor Uplink

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A list of items that can be purchased by Antagonists using the Uplink found in their PDAs, or the Syndicate Uplink found in their bag.


Name Description Cost (TC)
Viper A small, easily concealable, but somewhat underpowered gun. Use pistol magazines (.35 auto). 6
Python A loud and deadly revolver. Uses .40 Magnum. 8
Cobra A rugged, robust operator handgun with inbuilt silencer. Use pistol magazines (.25 caseless). 8
Surplus Rifle A bolt action service rifle that has seen many wars. Not modern by any standard, hand loaded, and terrible recoil, but it is cheap. 4
Energy Sword A very dangerous energy sword. Can be stored in pockets when turned off. Makes a lot of noise when used or turned on. 8
Energy Dagger A small energy blade conveniently disguised in the form of a pen. 2
Fire Axe A classic-style weapon infused with advanced atmos technology to allow it to set targets on fire. 10


Name Description Cost (TC)
Explosive Grenade Grenade that creates a small but devastating explosion. 4
Flashbang Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2
Syndicate MiniBomb A precision sabotage explosive for quickly destroying a machine, dead body, or whatever else needs to go. 7
Penguin Grenade 6
C4 C-4 is plastic explosive of the common variety Composition C. You can use it to breach walls, airlocks or sabotage equipment. It can be attached to almost all objects and has a modifiable timer with a minimum setting of 10 seconds. 2
C4 Bundle Because sometimes quantity is quality. Contains 8 C-4 plastic explosives. 12
MagazinePistol Ammo 2
MagazinePistolCaselessRifle Ammo 2
SpeedLoaderMagnum Ammo 2
BoxMagazineLightRifle Ammo A box of cartridges for the surplus rifle. 2
Holoparasite Kit Utility The pride and joy of Cybersun. Contains an injector that hosts a sentient metaphysical guardian made of hard light which resides in the user's body when not active. The guardian can punch rapidly and is immune to hazardous environments and bullets, but shares any damage it takes with the user. 14
Syndicate Shoulder Holster Utility A deep shoulder holster capable of holding many types of ballistics. 2
Emag Utility The business card of the syndicate, this sequencer is able to break open airlocks and tamper with a variety of station devices. Recharges automatically. 8
Agent ID Card Utility A modified ID card that can copy accesses from other cards and change its name and job title at-will. 3
Black Jetpack Utility A black jetpack. It allows you to fly around in space. Additional fuel not included. 5
Reinforcement Teleporter Utility Teleport in an agent of extremely questionable quality. No off button, buy this if you're ready to party. They have a pistol with no reserve ammo, and a knife. That's it. 25
Syndicate Overear-Headset Utility A headset that allows you to listen in on departmental channels, or contact other traitors. 2
Hypopen Utility A chemical hypospray disguised as a pen, capable of instantly injecting up to 15u of reagents. Starts empty. 4
ClothingBackpackDuffelSyndicateFilledSMG Bundles 25
ClothingBackpackDuffelSyndicateFilledShotgun Bundles 25
ClothingBackpackDuffelSyndicateFilledGrenadeLauncher Bundles 30
ClothingBackpackDuffelSyndicateFilledLMG Bundles 40
ClothingBackpackDuffelZombieBundle Bundles 40
CrateSyndicateSurplusBundle Bundles Contains 50 telecrystals worth of completely random Syndicate items. It can be useless junk or really good. 20
CrateSyndicateSuperSurplusBundle Bundles Contains 125 telecrystals worth of completely random Syndicate items. 40
ToolboxSyndicateFilled Tools 2
SyndicateJawsOfLife Tools 2
ClothingBackpackDuffelSyndicateFilledMedical Tools 5
PowerSink Tools 5
DehydratedSpaceCarp Tools 3
GatfruitSeeds Job And who says guns don't grow on trees? 4
BibleNecronomicon Job An unholy book capable of summoning a demonic familiar. 6
Chameleon Kit Armor A backpack full of items that contain chameleon technology allowing you to disguise as pretty much anything on the station, and more! 4
no-slip shoes Armor These protect you from slips while looking like normal sneakers. 2
Thieving Gloves Armor Discretely steal from pockets and increase your thieving technique with these fancy new gloves, all while looking like normal gloves! 4
ClothingOuterVestWeb Armor 5
ClothingBackpackDuffelSyndicateHardsuitBundle Armor The Syndicate's well known armored blood red hardsuit, capable of space walks and bullet resistant. 8
ClothingShoesBootsMagSyndie Armor A pair of magnetic boots that will keep you on the ground if the gravity fails or is sabotaged, giving you a mobility advantage. If activated with gravity they will protect from slips, but they will slow you down. 2
ClothingBackpackDuffelSyndicateEVABundle Armor A simple EVA suit that offers no protection other than what's needed to survive in space. 4
ClothingOuterHardsuitJuggernaut Armor Hyper resilient armor made of materials tested in the Tau chromosphere facility. The only thing that's going to be slowing you down is this suit... and tasers. 12
CyberPen Misc Cybersun's legal department pen. Smells vaguely of hard-light and war profiteering. 4
decoy nuclear disk Misc A piece of plastic with a lenticular printing, made to look like a nuclear auth disk. 1
RevolverCapGun Misc 4
CigPackSyndicate Misc 2
SoapSyndie Misc 1
lanternextrabright Misc 2
NocturineChemistryBottle Misc A chemical that makes it very hard for your target to stand up. 5
syndicate segway Misc Be an enemy of the corporation, in style! 5
RubberStampSyndicate Pointless 2
Cat Ears Pointless UwU 21
ClothingHeadHatOutlawHat Pointless 1
ClothingBackpackDuffelSyndicatePyjamaBundle Pointless 4
ClothingBackpackDuffelSyndicateCostumeClown Pointless 4
ClothingUniformJumpsuitOperative Pointless A suit given to our nuclear operatives with fine fabric to make sure you stand out, no other benefits aside from looking cool. 1
ClothingUniformJumpskirtOperative Pointless A skirt given to our nuclear operatives with fine fabric to make sure you stand out, no other benefits aside from looking cool. 1
BalloonSyn Pointless 20