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Access: Can squeeze under most doors
Difficulty: Medium-rare
Duties: Eating, Dragging, Biting
Supervisors: Captain
Subordinates: None
Guides: This is the guide.

Hamlet is a hamster Ghost Role that spawns in the bridge. He’s very similar to the normal mouse ghost role but has a few key changes.

  • Hamlet can drag things around. This can be helpful or really really annoying
  • He can bite for 2 piercing damage, usually not needed though. Don’t go around biting random crew.
  • Hamlet is also able to operate the HAMTR mech, which can be created by Science.
  • Hamlet can wear items such as breath masks, a few headgear items, a scarf, and an oxygen tank

When playing as Hamlet, be aware that depending on the server about 99% of the crew will probably try to throw you in a microwave or eat you, so keep your guard up around them. In servers where you are not immediately fried in a microwave, everyone will scream "Hamlet!" at you and treat you like a god, making it their first priority to tend to your needs.