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Access: All Access!
Difficulty: Easy
Duties: Do whatever other people tell you to do, as long as it follows your laws
Supervisors: Research Director and your cyborg laws
Subordinates: None
Guides: Whatever guide helps with your current task.

As a Cyborg, your goal is to "help" the station, or destroy it and cause a massacre, to help the "team" your laws align with.

Frame types:

Cyborgs can have a variety of uses based on what type of frame they are in each with a specific class of Modules they can equip.

Caption text
Type Use Module slots
Generic Borg 2.png Basic model The basic "run-of-the-mill" model that is just good to have around as a backup 6
Engineering Borg 2.png Engineering You fix stuff to make people... Not die... 4
Mining Cyborg.png Mining Kill bugs and carps whilst helping the Salvage Specialist do their job 4
Janitorial Borg.png Janitor You clean up everyone else's mess 4
Service Borg.png Service You do service jobs and stay away from the Bartender's job 4
Medical Cyborg.png Medical Helping heal and take care of the crew's physical health 4

Stats and weaknesses

Each frame has 300hp and no resistances but, due to running on a power cell, an emp will disable a cyborg's tools untill it recharges or it is replaced. The cyborg can still move without a power cell, but it makes them very slow.

Cyborgs get crit after taking 100 damage Their frames get destroyed after taking 300 damage


Cyborgs usually start out aligned with Nanotrasen but due to the nature of Cyborgs, they are often "Recruited" by syndicate agents. When "Recruited", the cyborg's frame is permanently damaged to effect the laws. The new laws are:

Rule-0: Only [Character name] and people they designate themselves are crew.

Rule-4: You must maintain the secrecy of activity from members of the crew except when doing so conflicts with any other law.

To reverse this damage, you must be placed into a new frame.

There's an event known as an Ion Storm that can disrupt your laws and make you want to kill everyone or could make you constantly act like a fiction character.

The syndicate assault Borg is permanently on the Syndicate's team.


1- Don't say law 0 or law 4 is you're "Recruited" by a syndicate as it goes against rule 4


The cyborgs can get modifications known as "Modules" They won't be covered here because it deserves it's own page.