Research Director

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Research Director

Access: Command, Research Director, Science, Maintenance
Difficulty: Medium
Duties: Direct the order of research, delegate tasks to your team and make sure they don't blow themselves or the crew up. Demote the Assistant that spams Anomalies.
Supervisors: Captain
Subordinates: Scientist, Research Assistant
Guides: Research and Development

The Research Director (Or RD) is in charge of the Science department and oversees the duties of Research and Development. While they will ideally have Scientists under them to aid in research, they are expected to have at least a fundamental understanding of how to operate their department in the event of having an entirely incompetent staff. (Or lack thereof.)

Be it making a new Cloner Pod for Medbay, a shuttle board for Cargo, or an Advanced Mop for the janitor, the primary goal of the Research Director (and their department as a whole) is to upgrade and improve the quality of the stations equipment.