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Access: Maintenance, Research
Difficulty: Medium
Duties: Research Protolathe recipes, grant people the items they desire
Supervisors: Research Director
Subordinates: None
Guides: Guide to R&D

Do you wish to overthrow all jobs on the station? Do you wish to be at the most bombed place on the entire station? Do you want to make an ungodly amount of explosives and drones? If any of these match, this is a job for you!

Image Name Description
RDComputer.png R&D Computer Research new technology via points, points are awarded 100 points per second.
Autolathe.png Autolathe Doesn't require any research, can make the most basic of tools, including multitool. Requires plastic, steel and glass to use. If the map doesn't have it, you will have to build it with a Machine frame and an Autolathe machine board. Examine the machine board to see what the "required parts" are.
Protolathe.png Protolathe Does actually require research in order to make anything, items can vary from simple ammo to other machines. Requires steel, plastic and glass to craft.
CircuitImprinter.png Circuit Imprinter The Circuit Imprinter is a machine capable of printing machine boards used for creating machines and computers. They require steel, glass and sometimes gold.

What to do

Your main priority at the start of the round is to use the RD computer to research most (if not all) of the research available.

Also before your fellow scientist begin shouting at you , get the gold from the vault. In most of maps the vault is located somwhere near bridge and you should already have access to it. If you don't have access , do not be afraid to ask the captain or the HOP for gold.

Then it's recommended that you build cloning pods for medbay chemical dispensers and ChemMasters for chemistry or just hoard them and become a mega-department .

Things to keep in mind

Science is by far the least fleshed out job. More mechanics for science will be introduced over time, but for now scientists basically just manage the lathes.

Cargo is your main source of material, don't be afraid to ask them for refills and make friends with them!

Whilst you can resupply other jobs with their respective machines, don't forget to keep one of each for yourself, who knows, maybe it'll come in handy.

It's recommended that you don't give out cryobeakers as it's probably going to be used for a bomb.