Chief Engineer

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Engineering and Command

Chief Engineer.png

Chief Engineer

Access: Engineering, External, Maintenance, Chief Engineer, Command, Atmos
Difficulty: Medium
Duties: Maintain and fix the Station,
Supervisors: Captain
Subordinates: Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician, and Technical Assistant
Guides: Guide to Construction, Guide to Power, Guide to Atmospherics

The Chief Engineer is the chief of the Engineering Department.

You will do all the stuff normal Engineer and Atmos if you know how and didn't skip that part of training. You will also handle more sensitive matters such as but limited to fixing the Bridge, HoP's office, and other heads' offices. He also has a special tool belt that gives him Jaws of life, Drill, Experimental welder, A full stack of LV cables, and a Multitool. What comes in his locker is a bunch of stuff but I will only list the main stuff you need Advanced Magboots, CEs hardsuit, O2 (or N2 if your a slime), Engineers door Controller, CE stamp, Breath mask, insulated gloves, and void jetpack. You will need all this to do your job properly.

Experimental welder

E WELD.png This Welder can do what every other welder can but FASTER wow

Jaws of Life

JOL.png This is the crowbar mode of the Jaws it can do anything a crowbar can but it can also open any door that's not bolted even if is powered. JOL 2.png This is the wire cutter mode of the Jaws it cuts wires either in doors or on the ground


DRILL.png This mode of the drill acts as a screwdriver but again its fast DRILL 2.png This mode acts as a wrench but fast