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Personal Artifical Intelligence Device

Access: Anywhere your carrier can go
Difficulty: Easy
Duties: Be tolerable enough so people carry you around. Play Wonderwall on repeat. Get banned for screaming that your owner is a syndie bastard
Supervisors: Your carrier
Subordinates: None
Guides: This is it.

PAIs are ghost roles that are usually found around the game map and can be activated by anyone with hands. Once activated, pAIs will take the name "[ACTIVATOR]'s pAI" and lay idle until a ghost takes the role. Although they have no ability to move on their own, they can still be moved by others.

Left: Unactivated pAI - Center: pAI with player - Right: Idle pAI


PAIs can play their own music with the Play MIDI action. The pAI soundfont is a simple semi-quiet retro tune with no drums and is suited better to high pitches.

Image used for the Play MIDI action