Research and Development

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Research and Development

Research and Development (commonly called R&D or RnD) is the job of the scientists.


R&D Computer


The R&D computer at the start of the Round with no technologies researched.

In the R&D computer new technologies can be unlocked via points. To research a technology, click on it if it's in the Unlockable technologies column. Technologies in the Future technologies are locked behind others, requiring you to research a previous technology (in the Unlockable technologies column). Technologies in the Unlocked technologies section have already been researched.



The Autolathe doesn't require any research but only makes engineering and botanical tools as well as low-voltage cables. Requires plastic, steel and glass to use.



The Protolathe is a machine capable of printing most of what you've researched. It can make things such from beakers or ammo. Requires steel, glass and sometimes plastic to use.

Circuit Imprinter


The Circuit Imprinter is a machine capable of printing machine boards used for creating machines and computers. They require steel, glass and sometimes gold.

How to RnD

Plan of action

Your main priority at the start of the round is to use the RD computer to research medical machinary & basic parts manufacture , and then everything else. Then it's recommended that you build cloning pods for medbay , chemical dispensers and ChemMasters for chemistry or just hoard them and hand out tricord foam bombs to clowns.


"I can't get any points/I can't print anything"

The likely cause is that the RD Computer/Protolathe isn't synced up with the RD server.

To fix this in the RD Computer/Protolathe click Server list, click on ID x || RDSERVER and then exist the window. Now when you click Sync it should (hopefully) work.