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This wiki page might contain inexact information. Because the game is in heavy development, many balance changes are necessary some damage values or how the weapons behave are changed on an almost daily basis.

Also, the whole combat system will eventually be overhauled with the addition of stamina. This wiki page hold some usefulness, many new players are joining the community and this page may help them or experienced player figure out which weapons to choose.

You are encouraged to consult the discussion page to add comments or suggestions.


Refer to Combat for Combat tips and how to enter Combat mode. Remember that you can wield some weapons (mainly melee weapons) in both hands by using them in hand.

Melee Weapons

Whether you need to murder the clown defend yourself from traitors or remove intruders from the bridge, multiple weapons are available to you. Makeshift weapons are usually less robust compared to dedicated weapons, but are much more easier to obtain.

Dedicated Melee Weapons

Icon Item Damage How to acquire Notes
Captain sabre.png
Captain's Sabre 26 Brute The sabre is in the Captain's locker at the start of the round. He will most likely carry it around. A ceremonial weapon belonging to the captain of the station.
Claymore 25 Brute An ancient war blade.
Combat Knife.png
Combat Knife 15 Brute A deadly knife intended for melee confrontations.
Energy Dagger.png Energy Dagger 18 (9 Brute, 9 Heat) On
1 Brute Off
Traitor Uplink A small energy blade conveniently disguised in the form of a pen. Can be hidden in a PDA.
Energy sword.png Energy Sword 25 (12.5 Brute, 12.5 Burn) On
7 Brute Off
Traitor Uplink A very dangerous energy sword. Can be stored in pockets when turned off. Makes a lot of noise when used or turned on.
Flaming Fireaxe.png
Flaming Fireaxe 24 Brute + Ignite (Two-hand)
14 Brute + Ignite (One-hand)
Traitor Uplink This is a syndicate item unlike the regular fireaxe. Can be used to open an unpowered closed door.
Katana 25 Brute Pair it with with cat ears for the ultimate weeb experience.beyond
Machete 20 Brute A large, vicious looking blade.
Spear 17 Brute (Two-hand)
10 Brute (One-hand)
15 Brute (Thrown)
Construction 5u of reagent can be added to the spear, 1u of reagent will be transferred per hit.
Survival knife.png
Survival Knife 15 Brute Salvage Specialist Weapon of first and last resort for combatting space carp.

Makeshift Weapons

Not weapon per se, those items can be used as weapons with variable result. They are usually much more easier to obtain for civilian than dedicated melee weapons.

Icon Item Damage How to acquire Notes
Advanced circular saw.png
Advanced Circular Saw 20 Brute Medbay and Research You think you can cut anything with it.
Baseball bat.png
Baseball Bat 14 Brute Construction A robust baseball bat.
Butcher's Cleaver.png
Butcher's Cleaver 15 Brute Kitchen A huge blade used for chopping and chopping up meat. This includes clowns and clown-by-products.
Circular saw.png
Circular Saw 15 Brute Medbay and Research For heavy duty cutting.
Fireaxe 24 Brute (Two-hand)
14 Brute (One-hand)
Can usually be found in Atmospherics or Bridge. Can be used to open an unpowered closed door.
Hachet 15 Brute Hydroponics A very sharp axe blade upon a short fibremetal handle. It has a long history of chopping things, but now it is used for chopping wood.
Kitchen knife.png
Kitchen Knife 12 Brute Kitchen A general purpose Chef's Knife made by Asters Merchant Guild. Guaranteed to stay sharp for years to come.
Nettle 10 Burn + transfer 6u of reagent Exotic Seed Crate The Nettle hold a maximum of 25u of reagent (Histamine by default) and transfer 6u on hit. The reagents within the plant depend on its genes (see Hydroponics), and can be checked by grinding a nettle harvested from the same plant. Small amounts of Histamine are not very dangerous, but it becomes highly toxic above 45u. To overdose someone you would need 2 nettles and about 6-7 hits.
Pickaxe mining.png
Pickaxe 14 Brute Salvage Notched to perfection, for jebbing it into rocks. Can be used to mine space rocks and debris.
Scalpel 12 Brute Medbay A surgical tool used to make incisions into flesh.
Spade 15 Brute Hydroponics A small tool for digging and moving dirt.
Welder 6 Brute (off)
10 Burn (on)
All type of welders deal the same damage.

Ballistic Weapons

The damage of ballistic weapons is relative to the bullet used. For ease of reading, the damage listed is the base bullet damage. Usually the high velocity version of the cartridge will deal 2 or 3 more damage. Refer to Combat for how to use ranged weapons.



Icon Item Ammo Damage How to acquire Notes
Cobra.png Cobra .25 caseless 19 Piercing Traitor Uplink A rugged, robust operator handgun with inbuilt silencer.
Icon.png Mk 58 .35 auto 16 Piercing Armory A cheap, ubiquitous sidearm, produced by a NanoTrasen subsidiary.
Viper.png Viper .35 auto 16 Piercing Traitor Uplink A small, easily concealable, but somewhat underpowered gun. Capable of fully automatic fire.


Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage beyond How to acquire Notes
Deckard.png Deckard .45 magnum 5 Rounds 35 Piercing A rare, custom-built revolver.
Mateba.png Mateba .45 magnum 7 Rounds 35 Piercing Death Squad The iconic sidearm of the dreaded death squads.
Inspector.png Inspector .45 magnum 6 Rounds 35 Piercing Detective's Office A detective's best friend. Can load 6 bullets in this bad boy.
Pirate Revolver.png Pirate Revolver .45 magnum 5 Rounds 35 Piercing An odd, muzzle-loading revolver, favoured by pirate crews. Shoot slower than most revolver due to his archaic nature.
Python.png Python .45 magnum 7 Rounds 35 Piercing Traitor Uplink A robust revolver favoured by Syndicate agents. Comes preloaded with 7 magnum rounds.



Icon Item Ammo Damage How to acquire Notes
AKMS .30 rifle 19 Piercing Nuclear Operative Uplink An iconic weapon of war.
Lecter .20 rifle 17 Piercing Armory A high end military grade assault rifle. Uses .20 rifle ammo.
M-90gl .20 rifle 17 Piercing An older bullpup carbine model, with an attached underbarrel grenade launcher. Uses .20 rifle ammo.

Sub-Machine Guns

Icon Item Ammo Damage How to acquire Notes
Atreides.png Atreides .35 auto 16 Piercing Pla-ket-ket-ket-ket!
C-20r.png C-20R .35 auto 16 Piercing Traitor Uplink A firearm that is often used by the infamous nuclear operatives.
WT550.png WT550 .35 auto 16 Piercing Security and Cargo An excellent full-automatic SMG, produced by NanoTrasen's Small Arms Division.
Drozd.png Drozd .35 auto 16 Piercing An excellent fully automatic Heavy SMG. Also able to fire semi-automatically.

Light Machine Guns

Icon Item Ammo Damage How to acquire Notes
L6 SAW .30 rifle 19 Brute Traitor Uplink A rather traditionally made LMG with a pleasantly lacquered wooden pistol grip. The default magazine capacity is 100 bullets.

Heavy Machine Guns

Icon Item Ammo Damage How to acquire Notes
Minigun .10 rifle 5 Brute N/A This bad boy use minigun cartridge of 1000 bullets capacity. Good luck surviving.


Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage How to acquire Notes
Bulldog.png Bulldog Shotgun Shells 8 Shells Ammo Drum Depends on shell Traitor Uplink It's a fully automatic magazine-fed shotgun designed for close quarters combat.
Double-barreled shotgun.png Double-Barreled Shotgun Shotgun Shells 2 Shells Depends on shell Bar An immortal classic. Must be manually cycled.
Enforcer.png Enforcer Shotgun Shells 7 Shells Depends on shell A next-generation Frozen Star shotgun. Must be manually cycled.
Kammerer.png Kammerer Shotgun Shells 4 Shells Depends on shell Armory When an old Remington design meets modern materials, this is the result. Must be manually cycled.
Sawn-off shotgun.png Sawn-Off Shotgun Shotgun Shells 2 Shells Depends on shell Bar Much smaller than a regular shotgun, it can easily fit in a backpack. Must be manually cycled.
Improvised shotgun.png Improvised Shotgun Shotgun Shells 1 Shell Depends on shell construction Shitty, single-shot shotgun made from parts found lying about the station. Ammo not included. Must be manually cycled.
Shotgun Shells
  • Base Shell.png Shell (.50) : Shoots 6 pellets dealing 5 brute damage each, for a maximum of 30.
  • Beanbag shell.png Shell (.50 Beanbag) : Shoots a single beanbag dealing 10 brute damage. It knocks and stuns the target on hit.
  • Shell .50 Flare.png Shell (.50 Flare) : Shoots 1 flare dealing 14 burn damage and set the target on fire (4 stacks of fire).
  • Flash shell.png Shell (.50 Flash) : Shoots 6 flash pellets dealing 2 brute damage each and flash on hit.
  • Shell (.50 incendiary).png Shell (.50 Incendiary) : Shoots 6 incendiary pellets dealing 7 burn damage each and set the target on fire (1 stack of fire)
  • Shell (.50 Practice).png Shell (.50 Practice) : Shoots 6 pellets dealing 1 brute damage each.
  • Shell Shotgun Slug.png Shell (.50 Slug) : Shoots 4 slugs dealing 5 brute damage each, but spread a lot less than regular buckshot.


Icon Item Ammo Damage How to acquire Notes
Flintlock Pistol.png
Flintlock Pistol .60 anti-material 49 piercing A pirate's companion. Yarrr!
Hristov .60 anti-material 49 piercing A portable anti-armour rifle. Must be manually cycled.beyond
Kardashev-Mosin .30 rifle 19 piercing Traitor Uplink A weapon for hunting, or endless trench warfare. Must be manually cycled.
Musket .60 anti-material 49 piercing This should've been in a museum long before you were born. A gun favoured by pirates.
Improvised Bow Arrows, plungers 25 piercing Construction A shoddily-constructed bow made from wood and cloth. Not much, but it's gotten the job done for millennia. Must be wielded to fire, must be manually reloaded after every shot. You'll have to make the arrows yourself.


Icon Item Ammo Damage How to acquire Notes
China Lake.png
China Lake Grenade Depends on grenade Traitor Uplink PHOONK. Must be manually cycled.
Launcher Grenades
  • Baton Grenade.png Baton Grenade : Will stun and knockdown multiple targets.
  • Blast grenade.png Blast Grenade : Has a huge ~4 tile radius explosion.
  • Flash Grenade.png Flash Grenade : Will flash multiple targets.
  • Frag grenade.png Frag Grenade : Has a huge ~7 tiles radius explosion, but will do less maximum damage than a Blast Grenade.

Energy Weapons

Laser based

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Notes
Antique laser gun.png Antique Laser Gun Energy 10 Lasers 17 Burn Captain's locker. This is an antique laser gun. All craftsmanship is of the highest quality. This weapon auto recharge over time.
Laser Cannon.png Laser Cannon Energy 10 Lasers 28 Burn A heavy duty, high powered laser weapon.
Laser gun.png Laser Gun Energy 16 Lasers 14 Burn Security Favoured by Nanotrasen Security for being cheap and easy to use.
Makeshift laser gun.png Makeshift Laser Gun Energy 8 Lasers 14 Burn Better pray it won't burn your hands off. Used to be you could make these by hand, but they got removed from the construction menu.
Retro laser gun.png Retro Laser Gun Energy 16 Lasers 14 Burn Cargo Console A weapon using light amplified by the stimulated emission of radiation.

Pulse based

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Notes
Pulse Carbine.png Pulse Carbine Energy 25 Pulse 35 Burn Emergency Rescue Team A high tech energy carbine favoured by the NT-ERT operatives.
Pulse pistol.png Pulse Pistol Energy 10 Pulse 35 Burn Emergency Rescue Team A state of the art energy pistol favoured as a sidearm by the NT-ERT operatives.
Pulse rifle.png Pulse Rifle Energy 400 Pulse 35 Burn Emergency Rescue Team A weapon that is almost as infamous as its users.


Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Notes
Chimpbase.png CHIMP Handcannon Anomaly particle cartridges 10 cartridges
  • Delta, Zeta, Epsilon - 5 Burn
  • Omega - 20 Burn
Anomalous technology research Predominantly a tool used to contain anomalies, but still packs a decent punch with the right ammunition. Uses anomaly particle cartridges as ammo.


Icon Item How to acquire Notes
Composition C4.png
Composition C4 Traitor Uplink Used to put holes in specific areas without too much extra hole. Can be installed on a structure to destroy it.
Explosive Grenade.png
Explosive Grenade Traitor Uplink Grenade that creates a small but devastating explosion. Has a ~4 tiles radius.
Modular Grenade.png
Modular Grenade Construction A modular grenade can be crafted. It will need a payload, a grenade casing, a timer trigger or signal trigger. The payload can be loaded with 2 elements which will be mixed on trigger for a reaction. A crowbar can be used on the used grenade to extract the payload and reuse it.
Syndicate minibomb.png
Syndicate Minibomb Traitor Uplink A precision sabotage explosive for quickly destroying a machine, dead body, or whatever else needs to go. This grenade explosion will reliably destroy the tile under it, resulting in spacing the area.
Nuclear Grenade.png
Nuclear Grenade Admeme Please don't throw it, think of the children. Has a ~15 tiles radius.

Non-lethal Weapons

At some point combat will be updated and stamina will be added, which will dramatically change how these weapons operate.

Icon Item Type of Stun How to acquire Notes
Flash Flash and Slow Security An ultrabright flashbulb with a trigger, which causes the victim to be dazed and lose their eyesight for a moment. Useless when burnt out. Sunglasses or welding mask offer 100% protection from the flash effect.
Flashbang Flash Security A flashbang grenade which detonate after a 3.5 sec delay. The flash duration should leave enough time to cuff someone. Sunglasses or welding mask offer 100% protection from the flash effect.
Stun Baton.gif
Stun Baton Stun and Knockdown Security A stun baton for incapacitating people with. The stuns should leave you enough time to cuff someone. Has to be activated to stun. Can be quick equipped from belt. Can be recharged.

Improvised non-lethal

Those improvised devices can be used with variable result. Use at your own risk.

Icon Item Type of Stun How to acquire Notes
Banana Peel.png
Banana Peel Knockdown Eating a banana from Hydroponics No need to call Mythbusters, the myth is true. If someone step on a banana peel while running, the person will be knocked down and items in their hands will fall on the ground.
Bola Stun and Knockdown Construction Linked together with some spare cuffs and metal.
Soap gif.gif
Soap Knockdown Bathrooms / Janitor Can be used to knock down a person who step's on it while running. Items in their hands will fall on the ground. The primary counter to almost every threat.
Lube in space.png
Lube bomb Knockdown Chemist Might be hard to get, but can block off whole departments and take up a lot of cleaning bombs