Technical Assistant

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Technical Assistant

Access: Engineering, External, Maintenance
Difficulty: Easy
Duties: Learning to fix the station
Supervisors: Chief Engineer
Subordinates: None
Guides: Guide to Construction, Guide to Power, Guide to Atmospherics

Learn how to rebuild walls, fix windows, repair airlocks, and fix hull breaches (spaced areas).

Starting Out

Technical Assistant might be your first real job on the station after spending a few rounds as a passenger, or you chose to jump right in and get your hands dirty. You may have a lot of job experience under your belt, or you may have none. Whatever the case, this job is about learning and giving out your departments resources to whoever asks for them. Many people will be more than willing to teach if you ask around. Just tell them you are new and someone will eventually have time to help you between fixing the station and keeping the singularity from getting loose.


Main article: Guide to Power

As a Technical Assistant, you will want to familiarize yourself with the different power sources on the station. The Guide to Power will be an excellent source for learning the basics of the power sources, but it won't explain everything. The best teacher is experience!

Other Responsibilities

With greater access comes almost no responsibility. Technical Assistants can do whatever they want for the majority of the round, but trying to learn how to fix spaced areas, repair power outages, and, if you're feeling like being completely overwhelmed, Atmospherics, should be first priority.

A good skill to learn is hacking doors, as this will let you quickly eventually get in and out of spaced areas that you don't have access to .

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Engineering can be very overwhelming. Do not try to learn everything on your first shift, and don't be embarrassed to ask questions. It takes time to get the hang of things!
  • If you end up spacing the entire station, just blame it on your inexperience or the person teaching you. No one will mind too much.