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The Radio is a convenient way for personnel to consult each other and warn about dangers. Similarly to talking in the 'Local', 'Telepathy', and 'Emote' texts, you can talk in the Radio text, which is green in the chat box. The radio can be seen by everyone wearing a headset, and is broadcasted across the entire station. There are also department specific radio channels, allowing departments to communicate privately with each other.

Using the Radio

To use the radio press the "T" key and type ";" for the common radio. If you want to talk on a departmental radio, type ":" and the department you're in.

Department Radio Channel
Service :v
Cargo :u
Engineering :e
Security :s
Medical :m
Science :n
Command :c
Syndicate :t
CentCom :y

You can only talk on radios your headset is authorised to communicate with. You can examine your headset to see what departments you're authorised to use.

Common Uses

  • Setting an arrest warrant
  • Calling for supplies
  • Important information such as the death of Heads