Medical Doctor

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Medical Doctor

Access: Maintenance, Medical
Difficulty: Medium
Duties: Heal people.
Supervisors: Chief Medical Officer
Subordinates: None
Guides: Medicine, Chemistry, Virology

The Medical Doctor is the first line of defense against the waves of irradiated, poisoned, on fire masses that often come to Medical. Get medicine from the Chemists while trying to forget they're just a better you, and resist the temptation to poison the Bartenders drinks with lethal doses of blood clotters and liquid radiation.


Image Name Description
Healthanalyzer.png Health Analyzer Use on another person/yourself to analyze damage and determine the best course of action.
Bruisepack.png Bruise Pack Heals 5 points of brute damage per use in each category.
Ointment.png Ointment Heals only heat and shock damage in the burn category. It will heal 10 points of damage, 5 in each category, per use.
Pill1.png Pill2.png Pill Faster and usually has a higher dosage (will say on the label) than what a syringe can administer.
Syringe.png Syringe Filled with 15 units of whatever medicine is inside.
Gauze.png Gauze A bandage to stop bleeding.
Medipen.png Medipen A shot of epinephrine.
Bottle.png Epinephrine 15 units of epinephrine.


  • Make sure to have a store of basic medicine on you, namely medicine (See: Chemistry) such as Bicaridine, Tricordrazine, and Inaprovaline, all of which are very useful in a pinch. What you have over the chemists is that you can leave medical, so use that to your advantage, search the ship for the dead and wounded and bring them back to medical for treatment and cloning.
  • Always scan bodies and attempt to Clone them. If unclonable, scavenge whatever supplies, tools, and cool clothing they have and send the body to the Chef.
  • The Chief Medical Officer has a computer in his room, as well as a duplicate somewhere in the medical facility, which shows the status of personnel on the station, and their location if they have enabled it. Use this to recover lost bodies and keep track of the life status of the Heads.
  • You may have to coordinate with the other doctors and the Chemists to prioritize wounded patients, so keep an eye on the number of patients, and be aware of when you have to let some go to save others.