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Knowing the layout of the current station is important! This page is arranged in the order of station size. All maps listed are currently in rotation.



Smallest avaible station as of right now, it's an adapted version of Goonstation's Atlas, done by Emisse.

Rendered image of Atlas. Click to see more details.


Original map by PJB. The default map for testing with a maximum players of 29. Currently updated / maintained by Emisse.

Rendered image of Saltern. Click to see more details.

Moose Station

Original map created by Emisse and the 4th station to release on SS14 to provide an alternative to Saltern. It has a 35 players maximum.

Rendered image of Moose station. Click to see more details.


Originally called NT Barratry, it was created and is being currently maintained by EmoGarbage404. It's main features are worn off aestethic and reduced amount of line of sight compared to other maps.

Rendered image of Barratry. Click to see more details.


Created by Emisse and inspired by old bagel and old donut station from SS13. Released hot on the heels of Pillar to much fanfare. Has a minimum player count of 30.

Rendered image of Bagelstation. Click to see more details.


Rendered image of Marathonstation. Click to see more details.


An original map created by Peptide.

Rendered image of Splitstation. Click to see more details.

NSS Pillar

Original map created by Peptide. The third major map to hit SS14 and one of the largest to date. Partially inspired by Box and intended to be one long ship-station very loosely inspired by the Pillar of Autumn. Also the first map to feature docked escape pods and shuttles. Spacious map with large departments, good for new players to learn the ropes. 40 Players minimum.

Rendered image of NSS Pillar. Click to see more details.

Delta Station

Map from SS13's /tg/station that was ported by Timrod. By far the largest map at roughly 2x the size of Bagelstation. 60 players minimum, no current maximum.

Rendered image of Delta station. Click to see more details.