Maintenance Drone

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Maintenance Drone

Access: Wherever there's a door
Difficulty: Easy
Duties: Repair and maintain the station
Supervisors: Your Laws
Subordinates: None
Guides: Guide to construction, Guide to cleaning

Wired Frame.png Notice

Maintenance Drones are currently disabled in the configuration. They might or might not be re-enabled later, Science can fabricate them but they will do nothing.

Drones are small flying robots that try to fix up the station with their tools.

Your Laws

  1. You may not involve yourself in the matters of another being, even if such matters conflict with Law Two or Law Three, unless the other being is another Drone.
  2. You may not harm any being, regardless of intent or circumstance.
  3. Your goals are to build, maintain, repair, improve, and power to the best of your abilities, You must never actively work against these goals.

This means that you can't interact with anything but drones (not even if someone's getting spaced)

Your tools