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Access: Maintenance, Service
Difficulty: You will have to read up on it.
Duties: Write on some paper and have people glance at it and shrug. Renovate the library. Do nothing in particular.
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Subordinates: None
Guides: Dorks & Dungeons 3E

The Librarian is primarily a roleplay-driven job with little practical responsibility aboard the station. There are a few fun activities you can get up to though:

  • Organize D&D utilizing pen, paper, and dice
  • Remodel the library to make more space for D&D
  • Send a fax to every department inviting them to D&D
  • Write so many words on paper that people won't bother reading
  • Try to forge paperwork just to test your abilities
  • Print copies of the Chaplain's bible and place it in a section labeled "Fiction"
  • Host a public reading then copy paste your whole fanfic for the captive audience
  • Host a wholesome game of Basket-Book
  • Be a helpful research librarian by bringing Atmos books on how to do their job.
  • Label everything with your name and charge a fee to use your stuff.
  • Get the Clowns and Musicians to preform your play.

Some more practical Librarian sub-roles include:

  • Court Stenographer: A lot happens in the court room and it can help the legal department to have a good record of court proceedings. Use your massive WPM and shorthand skills to write crucial legal documents only you know how to read. Bring both editions of Robert's Rules of Escalation in your bag so you can throw the book at unruly coworkers. Requires a functioning legal system.
  • Communication Assistant: Help mute and heavily accented characters communicate by interpreting for them or providing pen & paper at a moments notice.
  • Courier: Deliver packages and dictated notes between crew members since you have nothing else to do.


Image Name Description
Colored Folders Organizational folders that hold paper, looks very official.
Labeler Used to label certain objects, helpful for organizing bookshelves, claiming property, and causing mischief.
Book Bag Holds books, intentionally spill in front of your crush to initiate a meet-cute.
Paper This page intentionally left blank.
Pen Mightier than the sword.
PDA You have plenty of time to use it, takes notes, holds a pen.

Using the Labeler: The Librarian spawns at the start of the round with a Labeler in their inventory. To use the Labeler, equip it in your active hand then press "z" which will open the input box for text, anything subsequently labeled by clicking or with the context menu will now have the inputted text attached to its name. Items may be unlabeled by labeling with an empty label or using the context menu.