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Access: Maintenance, Service
Difficulty: You will have to read up on it.
Duties: Write on some paper and have people glance at it and shrug. Loaf around in the library. Do nothing in particular.
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Subordinates: None
Guides: Dorks & Dungeons 3E

The Librarian is primarily a roleplay-driven job with little practical responsibility aboard the station. There are a few fun activities you can get up to though:

  • Organize D&D utilizing pen, paper, and dice
  • Remodel the library to make more space for D&D
  • Send a fax to every department inviting them to D&D
  • Write so many words on paper that people won't read them
  • Try to forge paperwork just to test your abilities
  • Print copies of the Chaplain's bible and place it in a section labeled "Fiction" as soon as they walk in