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Access: Janitor, Maintenance
Difficulty: Easy
Duties: Clean up the station.
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Subordinates: None
Guides: This is the (WIP) guide

As Janitor, it is your job to keep the station clean as can be. Your duties are to mop the floors, clear the trash / junk and replace broken lights. It is your job to scrub away any undesirable graffiti from the floors. It is also your role to silently point at the wet floor sign and quietly laugh every time someone slips.

Beware being lured into dark rooms or alleyways by a colleague requesting help. For messes visible from the corridor to places you don't have access to, stand mutely and point at the mess until they embarrassedly let you in. For high security areas, make a positive impression by requesting trash through a window and lending them your mop if you see a mess.

As janitor, you'll likely be requested often by Medical and Chef staff. Blood and vomit will steadily increase in their departments. Science will likely need you too but are oft too busy experimenting to notice their mess or remember to let you out. Remember to use the Radio to work closely with the crew.

When starting, consider finding a crowbar and possibly a wirecutter (to be able to let yourself out of obscure locations when the power goes out or the Science team forget about you). Your first, second and third option to escape a room that you've cleaned should be to say 'Excuse me' and hope they notice and feel sorry for you.

If you are having trouble mopping large amounts of liquid (like a blood filled Chef kitchen), consider trying Space Cleaner. You can request a Chemist or Science team to refill your Space Cleaner Spray Cans. They may ask you to first half fill it with water. Note that blood will still need to be mopped up rather than sprayed at.

Item Repurposing

The lazy and nuisance Janitor dumps everything that is on the floor into a bin. Consider sending objects to where they can be used.

  • dead mice or animals can be cooked by a Chef, sold by Cargo or recycled into biomass by Medical.
  • Raw food ingredients can be used by a Chef.
  • Glass / Cloth / Plastic / Steel / Gold / Wood can be used by the Science team or the Engineer team or it can be sold / distributed by Cargo
  • Empty cans, wrapping paper, matches, plants, chairs, clothes, plushies, etc can be sold by Cargo


Image Name Description
Mopbucket.png Mop bucket Pull with you by pressing CTRL + Left click. When it gets full you can either drink it to empty it (ewww why!) and potentially contract any diseases your colleagues have vomited / bled out. Or you can do the sensible thing and drag it to a Drain, Ctrl+right click it on top of the drain and then right click on it to Spill the contents. This will make a temporary mess which will drain away quickly. You can then refill it at a water tank, sink, or water cooler.
Mop.png Mop Used to clean floor puddles. Use left click on mop bucket to wet the mop with water. Left click on a puddle one or more times until it disappears. After every 4 puddles you mop up, click on the mop bucket with the mop to wring the mop. If you don't, you'll notice the puddle doesn't disappear (as you're sloshing dirty liquid onto it). If you find a puddle isn't disappearing, wring your mop into a container (like a bucket or mop bucket) and then left click on a container with clean water to dampen your mop. Or you can try spilling clean water from a bucket onto a mess to dilute it.
Bucket.png Bucket Used for big floor messes. Fill with water then right click on it in the middle of the spill and get mopping.
Trashbag.png Trash Bag Left click on the ground in front of a mess (of bullets, or whatever else) to vacuum it into the bag. Hold left click for piles of mess. Many objects will not be able to be put into the bag ranging from unopen soda cans, plushies, cigarette lighters. For large junk like plushies / toys / clothes, you will need to manually put them into a Disposal by hand.
Soap.png Soap Currently just exists to slip on; not implemented.
Spacecleaner.png Space Cleaner Used for a graffiti/floor grime. Spray to clean, it's magic. For fancy floor artwork with a mime standing nearby, contemplate whether you really want to risk causing a scene by erasing their picture.
Wetfloorsign.png Wet floor sign Remember to point at it every time someone slips
Galoshes.png Galoshes Prevents the wearer from slipping
Mousetrap.pngMousetraps box.png Mouse Trap Used to lure and kill mice / rats. Unset mice traps do nothing. Hold one in your hand and press the Interact hotkey in order to activate/deactivate it. Cheese / bait not required. You can throw an activated mouse trap at a mouse to kill it.
Janicart.png Janicart Allows you to increase your movement speed. Requires a Janicart Key to be placed inside of it before it will move. Left click to activate it after it has keys inside.
Light replacer.png Light Replacer Insert a light bulb into this. Left click this onto a broken light bulb in order to replace it.
Light bulb.pngLight bulb box.png Light Bulb Used to replace broken light bulbs.
Light tube.pngLighttube box.png Light Tube Used to replace broken light tubes.
Flashlight.png Flashlight Press E to turn it on. Put it in your pocket for ease-of-use. It is much brighter than your PDA light. Remember to turn it off when finished otherwise the battery will run out. The battery remaining is shown above the item as green bars. The battery can be changed by holding a new battery (e.g. Medium Power Cell) in your active hand and left clicking on the flashlight.

Getting Supplies

A Janitors Closet should be your first stop. If the closet is missing required objects, here is a reference on where to go to ask for replacements:

  • Science - Request a Mop / Bucket / Power cell (battery for flashlight) / Spray bottle / Flashlight
  • Chemistry / Science- Request Space Cleaner to be made at a ChemDispenser. You may need to supply a container such as a bucket or spray bottle half full of water.
  • Hydroponics - Request Water for your Bucket