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Access: Janitor, Maintenance
Difficulty: Easy
Duties: Clean up the station.
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Subordinates: None
Guides: This is the (WIP) guide

As Janitor, it is your job to keep the station clean as can be. Your main duties are to mop the floors, clear the trash into disposal units, and clear the hallways of any junk. It is also your role to silently point at the wet floor sign and quietly laugh every time someone slips.


Image Name Description
Mopbucket.png Mop bucket Pull with you by pressing CTRL + Left click
Mop.png Mop Used to clean floor puddles. Use left click on mop bucket to wet & wring the mop
Bucket.png Bucket Used for big floor messes. Spill in the middle and get mopping
Trashbag.png Trash Bag Left click on the ground in front of a mess (of bullets, or whatever else) to vacuum it into the bag
Soap.png Soap Currently just exists to slip on
Spacecleaner.png Space Cleaner Used for a graffiti/floor grime. Spray to clean, it's magic. You can get refills from the Chem lab if needed
Wetfloorsign.png Wet floor sign Remember to point at it every time someone slips
Galoshes.png Galoshes Prevents the wearer from slipping