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The Holoparasite is a ghost role where you take on the role of a holographic parasite at the service of a syndicate member, or anyone who got lucky enough to find a holoparasite injector. The living player has the control of your abilities. You can talk to other players in a similar fashion to a Personal AI.


If it's your first time, you should be sure you know two things to avoid causing your master to get in trouble: 1) Avoid talking when people are around you. Whispering is better, but people can still see a holoparasite talked if in view range, so don't talk at all unless your master allows you to, or if you're sure noone's going to come in sight. 2) You do not exist unless your master summons you.

Your main characteristics are your speed and damage. You can both move and attack fast, and you do a lot of damage. Plus, you're resistant to pressure and temperature, along with bullets. You do not have your own health: if you get hurt, your master gets hurt as well.