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Head Revolutionary

Access: Wherever your job gives you access to, and whatever you can get your brainwashed lackeys to open for you.
Difficulty: Hard
Duties: Brainwash everybody you can and kill all the heads of the station.
Supervisors: Syndicate
Subordinates: Revolutionaries
Guides: This is the guide.

The boogeyman. Everybody on the station is afraid of one of you showing up and changing the course of the shift for everybody. You strike fear into the hearts of everyone from passengers to the captain themselves. Use your flash to brainwash the crew and use the crew to kill the heads of the station. Lead crewmembers into empty hallways before pulling out your flash and BAM!...wait they had sunglasses on.

How to convert

As a head revolutionary (head rev for short), your secondary objective is to brainwash/convert everybody you possibly can. When you arrive to the station and get the news that you will be a head revolutionary, you are given a pair of sunglasses and a flash with five charges. To be able to convert somebody, first, check if they are wearing any sun/secglasses, or a welding mask. Then turn on harm mode and smack the person you are trying to convert with the flash. If the conversion was successful, the person you just clocked over the head with a flash will fall to the floor and a red box with an R inside of it will appear. Doing so will make a lot of noise; make sure there is nobody around, or give yourself an escape route.

Is that a black eye or a pair of sunglasses?

The easiest and most dangerous mistake that a head revolutionary can make is trying to convert someone with protective eyewear on. People wearing Sunglasses, Security glasses, or a welding mask, will not be effected by flashes, making it impossible to convert them. Engineering goggles will not protect people from flashes, so if someone has engineering goggles on they are clear to be converted. If you are unsure if they are wearing any glasses, the best way to check is to get close to them, then right click on them and press strip. Check their glasses slot for either of the three protective eyewear, and note if they have protection or not. When you try to convert someone with eyewear or a mindshield, or use the AoE mode on the flash, your name will show up on the flashed persons screen, saying "Tom Foolery blinded you with a flash!" or whatever your character's name is. This makes it so if you fail to convert someone with a flash, the blinded person has the opportunity to run, screaming "REVS!!!" all along the way until they get to sec and drop your name. While this will not usually get you arrested, it will have people preparing for revs, and probably have security after you, wanting a peek in your bag.

Right, lead-head

Mindshields exist only to make your life harder. All command and security come pre-loaded with a mindshield implant inside of them. Mindshields prevent people from being converted when hit by a flash from a head revolutionary, causing them to be impossible to bring over to your side, but not ending their usefulness. For the sake of keeping the game fun and from the revs just massacring civilians, it is strongly recommended that you only kill command (Obviously) and security. If you come across a civilian that is not part of either of those occupations, you should try to convert them, cuff them and take off their glasses to convert them, or if they have a mindshield, cuff them and keep them as a hostage. It is only recommended to kill civilians if they are actively shooting at you, other than that it is better to convert or cuff them.