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A skill that you can use to grant yourself illicit access to pieces of technology, or apply unintended side effects to pieces of technology.



The gear that you should probably prepare before hacking.

  • Screwdriver - In order to access the maintenance panel, you must first obtain a screwdriver.
  • Multitool - Allows you to pulse the wires. Also very good for learning which wire does which.
  • Wire Cutter - Allows you to cut the wires, allowing for more long term hacking. Can also reverse effects of the multitool.
  • Insulated Gloves - In order to not immediately fucking get zapped by pulsing/cutting power wires, you need insulated gloves.
  • Crowbar - Allows you to forcibly open a door.


Ah, the world of wiretopia. Wires make the door function, pulsing or cutting wires may change how the door works. Each wire is randomized every round, so don't expect the same wire layout each round.


The process of hacking starts with using a screwdriver to open the panel on the door. There are 6 wires: one goes to bolt, one goes to blit, one goes to timr, one goes to safe, two go to power. there are also 5 lights that indicate weather each item is on or off, big circles meaning on and smaller ones meaning off.

In order to hack the door you need to figure out what wire does what by pulsing it with a multitool or cutting it with a wirecutter. The wire cutters make a semi permanent change where you can reverse it by repairing the broken wire. Multi Tools are temporary on power and timr controls but semi permanent on the rest Whenever you interact with a wire 1 of 5 things will happen:

  • Door bolt toggle

The door bolts lock the door, making it un-toggleable until unbolted, meaning you can keep a door open or shut.

  • Blit toggle

Stands for Bolt lite, if disabled then the bolt lights will not come on

  • Timr toggle

(No idea)

  • Safe toggle

Safe is the function that keeps the door open when somebody is standing in it, disabling it will allow the door to close on a person, only letting it rely on the timer

  • Power toggle

The doors power will disable the door, allowing you to open it with a crowbar unless bolts are down.

Using a crowbar on a powered door will give you a message "the powered motors block you efforts". If the bolts are down then the door will give you a message "the airlock bolts prevent it from being forced!".