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Access: Everywhere
Difficulty: Easy
Duties: Enjoying afterlife (or waiting to be cloned)
Supervisors: Lame Department
Subordinates: The station's fluorescent lights
Guides: This is the guide.

A Ghost is a job that you can get if you die in the station. You can also choose to Observe when joining the round and become a Ghost.


A Ghost has no responsibilities unless first taking a Role. A ghost has little impact on the round anyway.


A ghost can move, pass thru walls, toggle lighting and Scream (to mute players). A ghost can teleport to a specific place or Follow (haunt) players. As a Ghost, you get access to additional Radio channels such as DEAD. An Observer Ghost has access to the OOC channel.


A ghost can also accept a Role to turn into some npcs. These roles are to add flavour to the round and be semi-antagonistic. These roles are aimed at distracting players from their own jobs in various ways.

When playing a role, remember you have no memory of your own life or any information gained from Dead or OOC chats (as such would be metagaming).

Intelligent non-animal Lifeform

  • ERT Janitor
  • Smile the Slime
  • A Holoparasite for (most likely) a Syndicate Agent that injected you into their body
  • A Holoclown for (most likely) a Syndicate Agent that injected you into their body

Non-Hostile Animals

You become an animal who can point, move, eat but not talk. Alt+Click to eat food / drink. Rodents can go beneath doors but larger animals cannot. Note that rodents have very limited understanding of humans and typically should be played as such (rather than spam pointing to gain the attention of humans and warn them of a Syndicate).

Hostile Animals

You become an animal who can point, move, eat and attack. Alt+Click to eat food / drink. Small rodents can go beneath walls, but larger creatures cannot. This role is deemed an Antagonist so even a nice RatKing should not get offended when harmed.

  • Rat King - can talk and has some abilities
  • Rat Servant
  • Space Carp
  • Space Tick
  • Xeno Queen - A large black alien that can spawn drones - can talk
  • Xeno Drone - A medium sized grey and purple alien
  • Space Dragon
  • Cerberus - hellhound which takes pressure damage
  • Ghost (Essence of xyz)
  • Revenant
  • Slime
  • Giant Spider

Artificial Intelligence

You become an artificial intelligence with no body of your own. You are self-powered and can talk but not move. Your reason for existence is to assist the crew in any way possible.

Vending Machines

You become a sentient vending machine brought to life through space magic. You can talk but not move on your own. You do not need electricity to talk. You do not remember your own life or Dead chat.

  • AutoDrobe
  • MegaSeed Servitor
  • Robust SoftDrinks
  • SmartFridge
  • Solar's Best Hot Drinks