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Access: Chapel, Maintenance
Difficulty: Easy
Duties: Preach to crew members and aid them in their journeys to spiritual oneness. Get bored and switch places with a Passenger.
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Subordinates: None
Guides: [TBA]

You, as the Chaplain, are in a position of divine roleplaying power to start up any religious (or cult-like) order you see fit and garner the respect of your peers. This is a difficult task, as you shouldn't antagonize the station with violence or overall malicious activity, as the power your hold is just (and the rules are firm). You may spend your round with little to no followers, and simply slot into the role of another face at the bar having idle chit-chat and playing music, but... You are someone that everyone regards a bit differently, many will default into referring to you as father/mother/sister and much like how a Mime is apt to emote properly, you should often lean in to this aspect and maintain your role.

As there's an underlying reason why you're more than just a Passenger with his own special room...

The Bible

Your Bible has minimal storage space, but beyond that, when clicking on someone, as the ability to heal them for Brute and Burn with a 5 second cooldown. There is a 1/3 chance that you will damage them instead, but if you make sure they are wearing headgear, there is no chance of failure. The best part is if anyone tries to use your Bible, they will instead take Burn damage, this helps ensure your role can't just be taken from you by some robust Clown.

It's not much, conventional healing from a Medical Doctor or Chemist helps trump your abilities in a variety of ways, but when in a pinch you're able to rise to the occasion and save lives.

The crematorium

On certain stations, you will find a room with a crematorium inside your chapel. This is used to keep the station from piling up with corpses after cloning or after they've been left alone for too long and started rotting. As the chaplain, it is your duty to deliver their last rites and remove any belongings before turning the cadavers into ash. Make sure to check on your chapel periodically, as medbay WILL send the deceased your way, and if you're not careful, you could come back to a mountain of corpses releasing miasma everywhere.