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Access: Maintenance
Difficulty: Easiest
Duties: Steal someone's clothes and job. Get in trouble for breaking into rooms. Save the Station when least expected.
Supervisors: Nobody Head of Personnel
Subordinates: None
Guides: [TBA]

You are an assistant. Known by several names such as "the tide", "greyshirts", "the greys", and several more colorful ones, you have only maintenance access and in general, have no direct purpose or responsibility on the station. This makes the assistant role attractive to new players who do not want to get in the way with their lack of gameplay knowledge, but also old players who do not want to be burdened with the responsibility of an actual job assignment and would rather do as they please (such as building a rage cage in the bar).

Assistants are well-known for being general troublemakers and stealing anything that isn't nailed down, as well as some things that are given tools and enough time. This leads to an uneasy distrust of most assistants by default, however most crew will be receptive if you just act like a normal human being and not like you'll steal their bag at first chance.

Unlike other job assignments, the number of assistant slots is unlimited, so you can always sign on as an assistant and having assistant to "Yes" in your job preferences overrides all other job preferences. All is not lost if you don't want to play assistant though; you can just as easily go chat with the Head of Personnel who will be more then happy to assign you a proper job and make you a useful member of the station.