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What Do Admins Do?

Admins are a group of volunteers that moderate the official Wizard's Den game servers according to the rules.

While the main duty of an admin is to enforce the rules and punish those who break them, admins do a variety of other tasks including occasionally setting up game events and helping out new players.

How Do I Contact an Admin?

The main way to report someone or to talk with the admins is by using the Admin Help (ahelp) button in the Escape menu. Your ahelp message will be sent to an admin who will review it. Even if you get the message "*System Nobody is available to receive your message. Try pinging Game Admins on Discord" your message will be forwarded to a Discord relay channel. Be sure to include as much information as possible even if admins are no available. In the most urgent cases you may ping game admins on Discord.

I Was Banned!

You can submit a ban appeal here. Or you can just wait it out if it is short.

Can I Become an Admin?

To apply to become an admin, see this post.

List of Current Admins

Note that Wizards and Badmins rarely join the servers. They are more concerned with development. Badmins are admins on official Discord as well.

Discord Username In-Game Username Rank Notes
Zoldorf Silver Wizard
Vera Zumorica Wizard
ShadowCommander ShadowCommander Badmin
mirrorcult mirrorcult Badmin
Sloth metalgearsloth Badmin
/tmp/moony moony Game Admin
Daemon Daemon Game Admin
Lucy_Void Lucy_Void Game Admin
Pancake Pancake Game Admin
Peptide Peptide Game Admin
Slork DogZero Game Admin
Wrexbe wrexbe Game Admin
Stealth16 stealth16 Trial Admin
neoscav neoscav Trial Admin
Schiene Schiene Trial Admin
AWH AWHayes Trial Admin
Todd Northwood ToddNorthwood Trial Admin