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Access: Whatever your job has access to, and wherever you can hack into.
Difficulty: Medium to Very hard
Duties: Kill people, steal shit, commit terrorism
Supervisors: Hostile Corporations
Subordinates: None
Guides: Guide to Traitor

This page is for the antagonist called "Traitor". For the gamemode, see Game Modes#Traitor. For a guide to playing as a Traitor, see Guide to Traitor

A traitor is an antagonist employed by the Syndicate. They have access to various Syndicate tools and weapons through their Uplink. Traitors can use codewords to identify themselves to one another in order to cooperate. In a traitor round, any player can be a traitor aside from department heads, the captain, or any security officers. Traitors should focus primarily on completing their objectives successfully by the end of the round.