Salvage Specialist

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Cargo Department

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Salvage Specialist

Access: None (lame)
Difficulty: Medium
Duties: Retrieve materials from wrecks, score some sick loot
Supervisors: Head of Personnel, Quartermaster, Captain
Subordinates: Too lame
Guides: [TBA]

As a Salvage Specialist, your job is to explore various wrecks from the space and retrieve any worth loot that you might find inside it. Use the Salvage Magnet to pull in a wreck for the limited amount of time and don't get killed by space carps or any other anomalies dwelling inside it!

Salvage Specialist job isn't avalaible on smaller or older maps.

Salvage Magnet

Salvage magnet.png

This console is used for pulling in salvage wrecks, which you can explore for extra loot. The salvage magnet will always pull in a wreck in a specific distance away from it, meaning that if the magnet is facing the wrong way or is installed too deep inside the station, then you won't be able to pull anything in.

An example of a space wreck

Your equipment

The most crucial items in your job is the salvage suit, a breath mask and an oxygen tank - you will not survive in space without those, after all (though you can try if you're brave). To make your job more efficient, you will also receive magnetic boots, a toolbelt with a myriad of tools, a pickaxe and a fire extinguisher. On some maps, you will also get a combat knife for fighting space entities.

How to use your equipment

In theory, going into space to pick up some items sounds like a cakewalk, but there are some dangers to that task. To efficiently do your job, you will need to know how to properly utilize the items you have received.

  • Salvage hardsuit (suit and helmet): The obvious component. Put it on, or you will succumb to low pressure of space.
  • Oxygen tank: To survive in space for longer than a minute, you will need an oxygen tank. Equip it in your hand or pocket to be able to properly use it with your breathing internals. Make sure to check if tank pressure is correct (the safe amount is 17-22). You can refill your oxygen tank by putting it inside a oxygen canister (just make sure to close it afterwards).
  • Gas mask / breathing mask: To be able to receive precious oxygen from your oxygen tank, you will need to put a breathing mask on. Once you have it on, you should have an option to turn your internal on, on the left UI.
  • Toolbelt (and tools) : Typically comes fully equipped with a screwdriver, welding tool, wrench, crowbar, multitool and wirecutters. Use those tools if you wish to retrieve anchored items or barge through obstacles like closed doors.
  • Pickaxe : Sometimes, the salvage magnet might pull in a rocky asteroid. Use your pickaxe by repeatedly clicking on the rock to break through and reach for the stashed away goodies.
  • Combat knife (unavailable on some maps): Use your handy knife to murder any space carps that might come your way.
  • Fire extinguisher : Extinguish space fires Fly through space by aiming and shooting the extinguisher on the opposite side of where you wish to fly. You can refill it with water once it runs dry.
  • Magboots : Equip and turn on magnetic boots to gain a steady hold on wreck's surface. You might walk a bit slower, but at least you won't clumsily fly off into space so easily.

Tips and tricks

  • If you run out of water in your fire extinguisher, try throwing some object in the opposite direction that you want to fly to. The momentum will usually quickly propel onwards of where you wish to fly
  • You can find a spare small oxygen tank inside your survival box. You're also able to keep it in your pocket, leaving your hands unoccupied
  • If you can't breathe even if you have your mask and internals turned on, try checking the tank's pressure as it might be too low
  • Character with Slime chosen as their race aren't required to breathe in space
  • If you're running out of time and still want to grab something, try grabbing it. Dragged items won't get despawned if the salvage disappears