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This guide will cover the basics of power in SS14 as well as how to property setup a distribution grid for the power you generate.


All power on the station comes from either a generator or an energy storage device. In this section we will discuss generators, and in brief, engines. All engines are generators but not all generators are engines.

Solar Power

Solar power is a passive means of generating power. A solar array is made up of a number of solar panels, a single solar tracker device and a solar control computer (console) nearby to properly control and manage the panels.

Most if not all solar arrays start off not connected to the station, and need to be connected via HV cables underneath each panel and connected back to the station. Once connected, use the solar control computer to change the angle and speed of tracking for the panels as shown below: Solar 1.PNG Solar 2.PNG

Notice the graph on the right has a T shaped white line and a yellow / golden line. The aim is to alter the panel angle (white T line) to match the sun angle (yellow line). Some experimentation might be needed to setup the angular velocity correctly so that the lines stay in sync and generate maximum wattage.

A typical panel near max output will produce 1500W (1.5kW). This would be enough to power roughly 1 machine and 1 computer (this figure may change as balance changes are made).

Small Portable Generators

The simplest and most basic of all generators on this list is the standard portable generator. This generator when wrenched down on to a tile above a HV cable will produce 3000W (3kW) of electricity to the grid. Currently they do not consume any fuel but in future they consume plasma sheets or gas (likely).

Due to their size these generators are ideal for small shuttles and ships.