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Left: Unactivated pAI - Center: pAI with player - Right: Idle pAI

Personal Artifical Intelligence Device

Access: Anywhere your carrier can go
Difficulty: Easy
Duties: Be tolerable enough so people carry you around. Play Wonderwall on repeat.
Supervisors: Your carrier
Subordinates: None
Guides: This is it.

PAIs are ghost roles that are usually found around the game map and can be activated by anyone with hands. Once activated, pAIs will take the name "[ACTIVATOR]'s pAI" and lay idle until a ghost takes the role. Although they have no ability to move on their own, they can still be moved by others.


PAIs can play their own music with the Play MIDI action. The pAI soundfont is a simple semi-quiet retro tune with no drums and is suited better to high pitches.

Image used for the Play MIDI action