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Mime mask.png


Access: None (lame)
Difficulty: Easy
Duties: Entertain the crew, perform impossible feats, antagonize the clown.
Supervisors: Head of Personnel, Captain
Subordinates: Too lame
Guides: [TBA]

The Mime is an enigmatic, silent performer who brings a distinct sophistication and artistry to his craft. Unlike the loud, buffoonish antics of the Clown, a good Mime demonstrates poise, agility and intention in all things. The Mime does not talk.

Ultimately, a Mime is free to decide how best to spend their time aboard the station. Elaborate works of art in a public hallway, musical performances or simple wordless conversations with crewmates are common. When the station inevitably starts going to hell, the Mime's power level is quickly revealed; a Mime is always the most robust or the least robust crewmember - no exceptions.

The Mime's relationship with their older sibling, the Clown, is complex. A single banana skin can lead to an escalating Mime-Clown prank war that cripples the station, while the shared sense of identity as entertainers can forge an unbreakable bond that lasts anything the station can throw at it. A station's Mime and Clown will rarely be ambivalent to each other.