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Knowing the layout of the current station is important!

Stations currently in rotation
Map Description Creator Maintainer Min / Max Players
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Inspired by old bagel and old donut station from SS13. Released hot on the heels of Pillar to much fanfare.
Emisse Emisse 35 - 70
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AJCM, Emisse Emisse 35 - 70
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Low pop station
Scribbles Scribbles 0 - 35
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Checkraze Checkraze 35 - 70
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Recreation of pubby station from TG's SS13 server. Midpop map that contains all current SS14 jobs and amenities you are used to.
Emisse Emisse 35 - 70
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Emisse Emisse 0 - 35
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Brainfood Brainfood 35 - 70
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The third major map to hit SS14. Partially inspired by Box and intended to be one long ship-station very loosely inspired by the Pillar of Autumn. Also the first map to feature docked escape pods and shuttles. Spacious map with large departments, good for new players to learn the ropes.
Peptide Peptide 40 - 70
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The default map for testing.
PJB Emisse 0 - 35
Archived stations
Map Description Creator Maintainer Min / Max Players
Barratry Station built around a worn-down and destroyed aesthetic. EmoGarbage 35-55
Lighthouse An original map created with feedback and assistance from the mapping contributors and #Cartography. Old Dance Jacket 35 - 70
Meta Emisse 35
Packed Recreated for SS14 by Timrod based on the map with the same name from SS13. This was the second major map to hit the game Timrod 15 - 55
First played with the idea of separating cargo and salvage and as a test for grid splitting.
Peptide 50