Head of Security

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Head Of Security

Access: Armory, Head of Security, Bridge, Brig, Maintenance, Security
Difficulty: Makes you want to seek another profession
Duties: Herd your cats in red shirts. Arrest your fellow heads of staff. Be almost instantly distrusted by almost everyone despite (or perhaps because) of your position.
Supervisors: Captain
Subordinates: Warden, Detective, Security Officer, Security Cadet
Guides: None

The big boss of the entire Security force on the station and the final say in security-related matters. You are the bastion of order among chaos and a very popular individual due to your level of access to the armory, which may or may not still contain guns. The role of the Head of Security is a thankless profession where good deeds frequently go unnoticed and mistakes by either you or anyone in your department are greatly magnified against you.

You are a force to be reckoned with on your own merely by your authority and equipment, however you are still only one person and are nowhere near your own army. You are a juicy target if caught unawares by all sorts of nefarious individuals, so a proper leader does well by commanding his subordinates and only stepping in where needed.