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Head of Personnel

Access: Command, Head of Personnel, Quartermaster, Cargo, Security, Salvage, Theatre, Janitor, Kitchen, Hydroponics, Chapel, Maintenance
Difficulty: Hard
Duties: Change job titles and manage ID permissions, replace missing PDAs, coordinate the service department, protect Ian at any cost
Supervisors: Captain
Subordinates: Assistant, Bartender, Botanist, Chaplain, Chef, Clown, Janitor, Lawyer, Librarian, Mime, Musician
Guides: This is the guide

The Head of Personnel (Usually called HoP) is in charge of the service department and responsible for managing jobs, ID permissions and giving out replacement PDAs. They are the captain's left hand and as such in case the captain somehow goes missing you are expected to take his place.

Managing jobs and PDAs

The ID console


Changing jobs and access


Replacing a missing PDA



Protecting Ian is arguably the most important job of the Head of Personnel. He must be kept safe at all times even at the cost of your life.