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Access: Kitchen, Service, Maintenance
Difficulty: Medium
Duties: Cook food, force the botanists to do their job.
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Subordinates: The weed-growers None
Guides: Guide to cooking, List of Recipes

As the chef, your goal is to provide food. for the hungry masses using your trusty Microwave and Grinder. Depending on the quantity of personnel and the current situation of the station, you may have to content with constant traffic, or you may have no customers whatsoever for long stretches of time. It is your job to coordinate with the bartender and the other chefs and manage food distribution and rationing, and the types of food needed for the current situation. Ask botany for the required plants, or hack the seed dispensers to grow your own.

Things to keep in mind

  • Most cooked foods can be cut into slices, deliver these to customers instead of the entire batch, as food is expensive in labor
  • Different foods have different nutritional values. Banana bread has very little nutrition, while other, more complicated foods have more nutrition, which can promote the recovery of lost blood.
  • You have a utensil dispenser, it is essentially a vending machine for cups, bowls, mugs, and the like. However, it also contains knives and your trusty cleaver. Thankfully it can only be accessed normally by the chefs, however, if someone gains kitchen access, they can quickly gain a very deadly weapon. Don't be afraid to call security if there is a trespasser, or complain to the Head of Personnel if they are giving out unneeded access.
  • Sometimes you will be alone, but sometimes you will have one to three other chefs helping you out in the kitchen, coordinate with them and make sure they know the needed recipes, and teach them if they do not.
  • Treat your cleaver like you would a gun. It is extremely deadly, and should be treated as such. Keep it in your pocket or backpack when not in use to prevent stealing, and only use as a last resort or in extreme circumstances, such as assault. Get Hop and the bartender involved if necessary.
  • You may have to be more careful when delivering food if there is a risk of bodily harm or theft, if so, deliver the food to the bartender, who can give the desired food to the customer.
  • Do not use the meat spike on people if you are not a traitor.