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Access: Hydroponics, Maintenance, Service
Difficulty: Easy
Duties: Stop the chef from seeking "alternative sources". Grow lots of wheat. Make weed soothes and spike drinks with nettles.
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Subordinates: None
Guides: [TBA]

Botanists are responsible for growing food, medicines and resources aboard the station. Without you, the Chef may resort to "questionable" methods of food acquisition. Be sure to make use of your seed extractor Seed extractor.png and plant clippers Plant clippers.png to maintain a steady supply of seeds.


You will have a number of tools at your disposal to help keep your crops healthy and growing. Don't forget to top up the hydroponics trays Hydro tray.png with water every now and then, and make sure to pull any weeds as they pop up.
Mini hoe.png Mini Hoe - removes weeds
Plant clippers.png Plant Clippers - takes samples (seeds) from plants
Scythe.png Scythe - sharp, helps harvest
Hatchet.png Hatchet - for cutting wood
Spade.png Spade - removes plants from tray
Bucket.png Bucket - used to transfer water
Plant bag.png Plant Bag - for transporting plant materials


In addition to the tools above, Botanists will have a number of chemicals available to them, either from vendors or made via chemistry. Careless use of chemicals can have unintended side effects, and should be used appropriately (or not).
Bottle.png EZ Nutrient - adds nutrients to plants
Bottle.png Robust Harvest - increases plant potency
Pest spray.png Pest Spray - contains pest killer, kills pests
Weed spray.png Weed Spray - contains weed killer, kills weeds
Plant-b-gone.png Plant-B-Gone - kills plants
Bottle.png Left-4-Zed - mutagenic, causes plant life to become highly unstable
Bottle.png Fertilizers - such as ammonia and diethylamine

Hydroponics Tray

Hydro tray.png

These interstellar-grade hydroponics systems are where a botanist typically spends most of their time. Examining a tray by ⇧ Shift+left-clicking will reveal details about its current status, including its water and nutrient levels, the presence of weeds and the status of any plants currently in the tray.

Seeds can be planted in a cleared hydroponics tray by clicking with a packet of seeds equipped. Once planted, the seeds will quickly sprout and begin to grow. When the crops are ready to harvest the hydroponics tray will show a green indicator Hydro tray harvest.gif. Most plants can be harvested by hand; some, however, will require the use of tools. Some plants, such as apple trees, can survive multiple harvests. Others, such as wheat, will need be be replanted each time.

Tray Maintenance

Eventually all plants will reach the end of their life and will need to be removed, if not harvested. Using a spade or a shovel on a hydroponics tray will remove any plant, dead or alive. Plants that are unhealthy or dead will be shown by a red indicator on the tray Hydro tray health.gif

Over time, hydroponics trays can become filled with weeds. These can be removed either by using a mini hoe, or through chemical means. Be warned, however, that overuse of weed killers can lead to unhealthy plants, possibly killing them. Trays filled with weeds will have a flashing red indicator Hydro tray alert.gif.

Hydro tray water.gif Hydro tray nutri.gif