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Access: Bar, Maintenance, Service
Difficulty: Easy
Duties: Serve drinks, look after the bar, host events
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Subordinates: None
Guides: List of Drinks

As a bartender, you relax and prevent your crew from suffering from thirst. The most important machines for your job are Booze-O-Mat and Booze & Soda Dispenser. You also receive a trusty double-barrelled shotgun, which you can use to keep the bar peaceful.


BoozeOMat.png Booze-O-Mat is a simple vending machine with glasses, shakers and pre-made drinks. You can dispense a couple fancy looking bottles of drinks to set them on the table. Though don't get too lazy and remember to still brew a couple drinks!

Booze & Soda Dispenser

Booze Dispenser Soda Dispenser Booze and soda dispensers, well, dispense booze and soda! They accept glasses, shakers and beakers.

Load a dispenser by clicking on it with a container, open the GUI by clicking it again, and there you go! You can add whatever you want to the glass, similarly to how you do it with a Chemical Dispenser. Recipes for more complicated drinks can be found here.

Things to keep in mind

  • You have a shotgun. Don't be afraid to use it if someone is disturbing the peace. Make sure to know whether you have lethal or non-lethal rounds loaded in.
  • Cooperate with the chefs.
  • For more complicated drinks you might require supplies from other departments. Don't be afraid to ask your fellow cremates to deliver you whatever you might need for that special beverage!
  • Don't be afraid to refurbish the bar to crew's liking and add a couple fancy things within reason, like a stage with a piano, couple extra tables with chairs or conveyor belts for food.
  • Particularly savvy bartenders can use a bucket to brew larger or more precise amounts of drinks. You can't put it in the dispenser, but you can pour things into it.

Don't forget to have fun - play chess with your customers, host a boxing match, play live music via a MIDI instrument, get everyone drunk - there are numerous things to do and you shouldn't only focus on making drinks. Good luck :)